Lancaster University lecturer receives prestigious engineering fellowship

The Royal Academy of Engineering has awarded Dr. Hungyen Lin the fellowship

Following his work alongside LiNa Energy Limited, Lancaster Uni’s Dr Hungyen Lin has received a “prestigious Industrial fellowship” from The Royal Academy of Engineering.

The scheme was set up by the academy with the goal of allowing scholars to create a research project in an academic environment.

According to the Royal Academy of Engineering‘s website, up to 60 fellowships per year are distributed, with this year’s fellows joining a “community” of 1,700 engineers, with the goal of using engineering to create a “sustainable society” and an “inclusive economy”.

The Lancaster Guardian explains that the fellowship was a reward for work on a “radical re-engineering of sodium metal chloride chemistry”, which enhances “the energy and power density of battery technologies whilst maintaining existing high safety standards”.

The battery is sustainable and safe, utilising a “solid state electrolyte” which gives it the ability to “transform the energy storage and transport sectors”, vital in achieving “zero targets”.

Dr. Lin’s research program will develop a new technique using a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is not yet widely used.

Speaking to the Lancaster Guardian, Dr Lin said: “I am honoured to have been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Fellowship. This award will allow me to apply an emerging sensing technique to battery manufacturing to enhance product quality while reducing waste, and accelerating progress towards global net zero.”

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