Light Up Lancaster to showcase research from Lancaster University

The city’s annual light festival will run to coincide with Bonfire Night

Lancaster University will be showcasing research at Light Up Lancaster this coming weekend.

The research to be showcased at the festival includes an “out of this world” display highlighting sunsets on other planets such as Venus, Uranus, and Saturn’s moon, Titan, along with opportunities to talk to the scientists behind this research.

There will be research into molecules that can make light rotate, which have unique optical properties that will be exhibited at the festival. Alongside this, research from Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) is to be presented through how photosynthetic organisms allowed the Earth to become a home for life.

Academics will provide a hands-on experience for everyone to join in with the Royal Society of Chemistry Global Experiment for 2022, which gives you a chance to build coin batteries. From this, there will be opportunities to learn about the importance of energy storage and why the use of sustainable energy sources is important.

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Engagement at Lancaster University, Sarah Kemp, said in a statement: “We are delighted to be taking part in Light up Lancaster for a fourth year. The festival is an exciting and unforgettable way to explore our city, and experience the rich artistic talent we have within the community. It also allows the University to showcase and share just some of our world-leading research and its relevance to everyday lives – we can’t wait to share it with you so please come and join our amazing academics as they bring their research to life.”

The festival will run from 5pm-10pm on Friday 4th November and 5pm-7.30pm on Saturday 5th November, with artworks and installations being featured across the city.

Find out more about all the installations at Light Up Lancaster here.

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