Light Up Lancaster is looking for people to help at the festival

The festival is looking for singers and lantern-makers

Light Up Lancaster is looking for people to help with the festival.

This year’s festival will take place from 4th-5th November.

Light Up Lancaster is looking for singers and people to make or carry lanterns.

The singers will be performing as a part of a choir alongside projection specialists imitating the dog.

Light Up Lancaster states on its website “You don’t need to have a lot of experience of musical or singing ability – just lots of enthusiasm. If you can make a noise, they want to hear from you!

“There will be 2 workshop rehearsals leading up to the event, held at the The Gregson on Moor Lane, on Wed 26 Oct and Wed 2 Nov, both at 6-7.30pm.

“Then performing at the festival on either 4 or 5 Nov, or both!”

To sign up, you can email [email protected].

The festival is also looking for people to make or carry lanterns for live performances.

The performances will take place on Friday 4th November from 5pm to 10pm, and on Saturday 5th November from 5pm to 7:30pm.

Light Up Lancaster states “We’re looking for local people to join in the fun either helping to make lanterns and/or to perform carrying the swooping lantern birds on the 2 live nights. No experience necessary – you just need an open mind and enthusiasm!

“There will be workshop lantern-making sessions – running over a couple of hours in the early evening – in Lancaster before the show nights. We’d like you to come to at least two of them if you can spare the time.

“Then, if you want to take part in one of the performances at LUL, we hope that that you will join us for the majority of the workshop sessions. The piece will be performed several times on each live event night, so you will be there for a couple of hours on those nights.”

To sign up, you can email [email protected].

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