Here are Lancs students’ MVPs of Roses 2022

But who got the most nominations?

Can you believe it’s nearly been two weeks since Roses began? We can’t, and neither can some students who are still thinking about the skill, teamwork, and overall good vibes that the Lancs teams showcased over the weekend. We asked Lancs students who their MVP (most valuable player) of Roses 2022 was on our Instagram to find the shining stars of the event.

Holly Foster – Netball, darts, lacrosse

Photo by India Ellis

Second-year Owen Jones nominated Holly Foster as his MVP of 2022. Holly, who’s doing her Master’s at Lancs participated in three sports this Roses! Owen said: “Holly competed in lacrosse, netball, and darts over the weekend whilst also working for the uni at the same time.” What a legend.

Molly Pridmore – Dance and cheerleading

Molly, who’s the president of LUDanS and Diamond coach of Lancaster Roses Cheerleading, was nominated by an anonymous member of LUDanS for MVP. The nominator said: “Molly is a superstar and deserves so much recognition for all of her hard work over the last year.

“Throughout Roses alone, she worked tirelessly to put together a fantastic competition and keep our society up and running. She’s like a mum to every member of the dance society and went above and beyond to make this Roses special for us all.

“Each of her teams came away with phenomenal results and we all have her to thank for that.”

Ben Anderson – Football

Ben was nominated by an anonymous student for MVP. His nominator said: “Ben took a free kick at Roses and completely missed the ball. I’d like him to get some stick for it.”

Fair enough, Ben. It’s still MVP at the end of the day.

The hockey teams (yes, all of them)

An anonymous student said: “The uni hockey club has had a very successful Roses this year. There was a fair bit of pressure as we had the most points available to win at Roses, which was 18.

“It started on the Friday with the indoor hockey. At the last Roses in 2019, the club drew three and lost one. This time there was a complete red wash. Women’s two’s won three-one, Men’s two’s seven-three, Women’s one’s six-two, Men’s one’s six-one. Four points out of four on the first day.

“Then on the outdoor event on the Saturday, Women’s three’s won for the first time in 10 years, two-one. Men’s two’s were three-one down and scored in the last minute to draw three all.

“Men’s one’s won eight-nil, which was the biggest win in first team Roses history. Then the Women’s one’s won four-nil to round off the day. Collectively the club won 14 out of 18 available points.”

Safe to say hockey smashed it out of the park this year! Congratulations to everyone involved!

Mona Dimitrova – Volleyball

Photo by Yuxuan Wu

Mona Dimitrova was nominated for her performance in women’s volleyball. “The game was getting extremely close, with both Lancs and York winning two sets each,” said teammate Ines Soares. “The final set is first to 15 and York had a head start of 13-nine, so the odds were in favour of a York victory.

“We managed to push through, with York scoring 15-14 later on. Mona comes in to serve, and scores two points, with the last being an ace!”

Third-year Soph Overfield said: “Mona is a legend… She was such a consistent player and killed it even though it was soooo pressured. She deserves all the recognition.”

Mona received a grand total of five MVP nominations from separate people – making her Lancs’ most voted-for MVP of 2022! Congratulations Mona!

Featured image by Charlie Mason.

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