Lancaster University has won Roses 2022

Roses are officially red


Lancaster University has been announced as the winner of Roses 2022.

On Sunday morning, Lancaster University announced on it had officially won the 2022 title, having scored 177.5 points, which was over the threshold of 172.5 points needed to win.

Roses refers to the annual competition between Lancaster University and the University of York where various teams participate to score points in a bid to win the title.

The competition began on Friday 29th April and runs until Sunday evening, with some events taking place in the week beforehand.

This year’s Lancaster win will bring the overall score of 28 wins to York and 27 wins to Lancaster.

Lancaster University congratulated all students in a Facebook post saying “A huge well done to everyone who’s competed, and good luck to those who are getting ready for matches today”.

Updates on all events and outcomes can be found on the Student’s Union website.

Featured image by Charlie Mason.

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