POV: If you relate to these 17 things, you’re the Lancs main character

We’re here exclusively for the vibe

There are moments in life where you just have to do things for the vibe, and university is one of those times. There is no better time to be the main character than when you live away from home for the first time, study something you have chosen, and do what you like. But some people are already there, and these are the people we aspire to be. You’re the Lancs main character if you’ve done these 17 things.

Felt the wind in your hair as you’ve wandered on Morecambe beach

It’s certainly windy enough that you can get away with this, but it clears away the cobwebs. If you put your headphones in with the right soundtrack, it makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

Had a night you can barely remember at Sugar

Nothing makes you feel more like the main character than waking up with a raging hangover and having to message your trusty sidekick and ask, “what on earth happened last night?”

Splurged most of your loan on fancy coffees

If there’s something that Lancaster is amazing for, it is coffee shops – from The Music Room to Brew, it’s easy to go out a couple of times, then realise that half your loan is gone and you can’t buy bread this week.

Wandered aimlessly around Williamson Park

Everyone’s favourite place makes countless appearances on Instagram (and Peaky Blinders!). Nothing screams the main character like a butterfly house, a park, and an 18th-century monument that makes anyone look photogenic.

Updated your wardrobe from the stalls at the Thursday market

It’s not cheap, but come on. We’ve all wandered past and gazed longingly at those fleeces.

Got the 100 just so that you can stare out of the window of the top deck with your headphones in for longer

Pretending you’re going away from your love with your movie soundtrack playing in the background, even if you do have to go through Bowerham and Hala to do so for longer.

Bought a plant from the Alex Square plant sale

They’re gorgeous and fill up the square for a couple of days every year. Clutching a plant on the bus back to town is worthy of the Studio Ghibli vibes it gives off.

Own a Lancaster Uni hoodie

At the end of the day, we all aspire to be that student in the American high school movie who can rep the school merch and not look like a total muppet. The hoodies are actually quite stylish, so you’re halfway there to main character status if you own one.

Forgotten to go shopping and lived off microwave meals for a week

You were knee-deep in studying something you were really passionate about or in the middle of an emotional crisis. Either one screams the main character.

Pretended to be on a ghost at Lancaster Castle

Ideally, with a group of friends who were as eclectic and quirky as you.

Have taken artsy pictures at the Herbarium

Hands down the best vegan food and the best vibes in Lancaster. The plants, the gorgeous neon sign on the wall, the pancakes… I could go on forever. If you don’t go for the food, go for the aesthetic.

Walked down to Galgate Marina on a summer evening

Summer vibes = perfection.

Been ice skating at Dalton Square at Christmas

I mean, Dalton Square isn’t quite Central Park, but we can all close our eyes and pretend that we are the main character in a Netflix rom-com skating around New York at Christmas, can’t we?

Wiled away a few hours wandering around the Lancaster Museum

I am of the firm belief that anyone who has not been is missing out. It’s grossly overlooked and actually a really interesting way to kill a couple of hours, particularly if you’re into history. And it’s free! Definitely, a way to feel like you’re in a movie.

Listened to the lakes by Taylor Swift in the Lake District

We’re close enough to go on the train. It’s a tenner. You get where I’m going with this. It’s not that much of a sweeping statement to say that pretty much everyone at Lancs is a Swiftie because it’s almost totally true. Try it. The vibe is life-changing.

Had a Sunday roast at a pub

The food and the photos are game-changing, and the main character moment is perfect, particularly after a long walk.

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