‘Hey, isn’t this easy’ TikTok trend, but roasting Lancs students

All TikTok trends should be based off Taylor Swift’s music

Here we are again making TikToks about Lancs students because this is a better use of our time than writing the essays due at the end of Week 20. One trend which is doing the rounds is a sound from Taylor Swift’s song You Belong With Me where the lyrics “Laughing on a park bench thinking to myself, hey, isn’t this easy” are played. The text then relates to not doing something many people find hard to do which shouldn’t be hard at all. Examples include: “When I don’t hang out with the person who legit treated your bestie like $hit“, and “Me responding to a text message when I open it“.

@victoria_bromley25♬ you belong with me – sia

So, we decided to try out this trend but call out all the annoying and irritating Lancs student habits that many people on campus do, which are very easy not to.

When I don’t cut the Sugar queue

It’s so easy to stand in line waiting to go into Sugar, chatting with your mates anticipating the throwbacks they’ll play in the first room and what VKs to buy when you make a beeline to the bar when you get in. No need for pushing and shoving, you’ll get to hear Rhianna’s Only Girl in the World very soon.

When I don’t talk on the C floor

Read the silent zone signs and precede with respectable silence. If you want to chitchat about the horrible lecture you just endured or the amazing night out you’re planning at the weekend, save it for A floor. Some of us need to focus on our internal breakdowns.

When I don’t walk slowly on the spine

We’re all tired, we’re all wanting to curl up in bed and wake up when exams are over, but please find the energy to walk faster on the spine. It’s all we ask.

When I’m not late to my lecturers

This can be dependant on the buses and other uncontrollable factors, but all in all plan to set off slightly earlier if you find yourself always coming into Elizabeth Livingston 10 minutes late.

When I don’t make being in County my whole personality

Why do those in County college make sure you know about it? It’s as if County is their sole identity. Fair enough in Freshers’ Week, because everyone asks each other what college they’re in. But it’s Week 18 now, you don’t need to keep reminding us.

When I do my bit for the group presentation

Make sure your group is organised and to split up the tasks fairly. It’s really not that hard. We’re all overworked; don’t dump it all on others because you think you can get away without consequences.

When I don’t ask questions at the end of lectures so everyone can go on time

This is just respectful to those who need to dash to another lecture straight afterwards, or those of us who need to escape as soon as possible from enduring such a boring lecture that made us want to fall asleep.

Be kind and email your questions to the lecturer, or make sure to ask them at least 10 minutes before the end. Thank you.

When I don’t spend all my student loan on Greggs

We all know the allure of a sausage roll, vegan or otherwise, and the delicious pastry of the iconic steak bake, but if you’re having Greggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, are you OK? It’s a Lancs student habit to love Greggs, but please, eat some vegetables.

When I don’t abandon my friends in Sugar and make sure they’re okay

Don’t ditch drunken friends for a hookup or for any other reason. Stay together, stay safe, and have a great night.

When I make a packed lunch most days of the week

Just whack some cheese and ham (or any filling of choice) between two slices of bread and call it a sandwich. It may save your student loan from having to buy a Spar meal deal every day.

When I make friends with people outside of my college

Even if you’re from Furness and like to stay in your bubble, make sure to mingle and chat to other people in other colleges. There are people in your lectures and societies who you can make friends with and have shared interests. Branch out. Don’t let the college life trap you.

When I contribute in seminars

Don’t just stay quiet and let the louder ones answer all the questions. It’s not secondary school where it might be embarrassing to get the answer wrong.

When I miss a Whoops Wednesday to rest and recharge

You don’t need to go out to Sugar every Wednesday if you don’t want to. Don’t feel pressured by friends or society socials to drink or stay up past midnight if you just need a night to chill and get a good night’s sleep.

When I tell my friends to vote in the SU elections


When I’m polite to the bus driver

A simple  “thank you” goes a long way.

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