You’re a green flag if you do at least 15 of these 22 things as a Lancs student

100 per cent green flag energy if you go charity shopping

We’ve already covered the red flags of Lancaster students, from thinking the ducks are overrated to doing your weekly shop in Spar. We’ve told you what not to do as a Lancs student, and now we’re here to give praise to the students who get it right.

Not everyone can be the perfect Lancs student. That would take too much energy. And in the words of Hannah Montano: “Nobody’s perfect”. But there are many things that Lancs students do, which is like waving a luminous green flag, as visible as Bowland Tower, that means you don’t have to approach them with caution.

Are your Lancs habits a green flag? Let’s hope you can relate to at least 15/22 of the things in this list.

You move out of someone’s way on the Spine

The rush hour that turn over period between 11.50 am – 12 pm when the Spine is flooded. Everyone is racing to get to their next lecture or the Gregg’s queue, but you’re just on your way to the underpass to go home. If you make sure to move out of people’s way so they can get past, then that’s a green flag.

Neon green if you aren’t a slow walker. Even if you’re not in a rush, pick up the pace.

You’re actually silent in the library and do work

That’s right; there’s a little green flag on your desk in the library if you sit and actually do the work you came to do and not chat with your mates or play TikToks out loud. It’s a rare breed of students who respect the silent zone signs, and we love you for it.

Your favourite bar is Pendle

Pendle Brew really is the best place to chill, study, socialise and have a break from the library. The vibes are immaculate. Those of us who recognise Pendle Brew as its safe-haven are elite.

You know what’s in the Ruskin

Please tell us! Are there dinosaur bones in there?

You’re polite to Sugar staff

You’re polite to all staff. You are the epitome of a green flag. Imagine you’re in the Sugar queue, and the bouncers ask you to move up, and the person you’re sort of seeing is polite and does as they’re told, no questions asked, that’s hot.

You shop in Aldi

You are a good egg. There’s nothing else to say.

You go on walks down the canal

It’s just so peaceful. You know that when uni gets tough, you need that space away from everything and everyone, and the canal is the perfect place to clear your head.

You’re in a charity society

You volunteer your time helping to raise money for charity. You’re a good Samaritan, and nothing is more of a green flag than thinking of others.

You genuinely want to watch the sunset in Williamson Park

In the summer term, watching the sunset in Williamson is the peak of uni life. Grab your mates and some cans and watch the sunset over Lancaster. Nothing is more peaceful.

You don’t call yourself a BNOC

You may be the biggest name on campus, and everyone may know you and chat with you on the Spine. You’re probably in ten different societies and County JCR, but it’s only a green flag if you don’t call yourself a BNOC.

You do rowing, we get it, but come one, don’t introduce yourself as a BNOC.

You love the ducks

It’s a red flag to hate them, a green flag to love them. Choose your side.

You let others sit down on the bus

The 1A is packed, and you manage to find an empty seat at the front, but then an elderly person or someone unable to stand comes on the bus, and you immediately get up so they can sit down. This is the bare minimum of human decency, and if you don’t do this, it’s more than just a red flag. It’s unacceptable.

You get the vegan sausage roll in Greggs

That’s it, that’s the green flag.

You don’t brag that you go to the gym

Going to the gym is great. You get to forget about uni work and all the other stresses of life, but please, we’re begging you, don’t make it your whole personality. The best people are those Lancs students who go to the gym but don’t make it a conversation starter.

You don’t brag about being in a sports team

Same thing as before but with sports. If you play a sport, that’s amazing, and we hope it’s great escapism and releases stress, but also thank you for not bringing it up 24/7.

You go for brunch at The Herbarium

Such innocent, good vibes come from The Herbarium. With everything vegan, how could it not be green flag territory?

You think bars are better than clubs

It just makes sense to prefer going out for a few drinks with some mates where you can have a conversation and hear each other over the music. You could just have one pint or order six shots at a bar or pub; alternatively, your sober friend can get a J2O. It really does accommodate any drinker.

Campus bar crawl > Sugar, any night.

You prefer a night in

It’s even more of a green flag if you just prefer to put on a film, maybe with a bottle of wine and some chocolates, and relax. Uni is stressful. Why not take the night off and chill?

You go to Sultans after a night out

Obviously, this only applies to first years (or anyone else living on campus). It’s a right of passage to go to Sultans and get a free bottle of water after a night out in Sugar.

You say thank you to the bus driver

Yet again: common decency.

You shop in charity shops

Everyone loves a sustainable king/queen/royal person. There are many charity shops in Lancaster to peruse. One hundred per cent green flag energy.

You read

Nothing more needs to be said. Bonus points if you actually do the reading for your seminars too.

How many green flags do you have? Do you have more green or red flags? If you have more green flags, treat yourself to a Sultans.

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