Lancfessions page to retract all posts about LUSU candidates

This comes after posts were getting ‘too heated’

The Facebook page Lancfessions 3D: For Norman the Tree, which allows users to submit anonymous posts, has announced that they will be removing certain Lancfessions regarding the upcoming LUSU election.

The page released a statement earlier today on their page expressing the decision to remove these posts.

In a pinned post at the top of their page, they wrote: “Look LUSU elections are getting way too heated. As a result we will not be approving any more lancfessions regarding this year’s candidates.”

via @Lancfessions3D Facebook

They also explained how the page will still approve certain posts concerning the LUSU election “that are related to specific manifesto posts, dates of voting and links to view the full list of candidates.”

In the statement, they continued: “In addition, we will be removing certain lancfessions. If anyone has any problems with certain candidates; state them publicly, report them to LUSU and or the University via student conduct.”

Their statement concluded with an apology to “candidates who have been unfairly treated and or discriminated”.

A link to the complete statement and lancfessions Facebook page can be found here.

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