We’re recruiting: All the reasons why you should write for The Tab Lancaster

Yes, you get a free T-shirt xx

Interested in student journalism? Looking for an exciting way to develop your writing skills whilst making new friends and getting all the campus gossip?

If your answer is yes, The Tab Lancaster might be the right place for you. Whether you’re a fresher or know Lancaster like the back of your hand, we’re looking for writers of all backgrounds. We publish everything from breaking news on campus to fun feature articles.

Here are all the reasons why  you should join our team and write for us.

Develop your skills as a writer

The portfolio of work that you develop whilst writing with us can be shown to potential employers and easily added to websites such as LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written for a website before, we’ll help you to develop your skills so we can publish the best content you can produce. 

Writing for us also means you’re going to develop a really solid understanding of the legal ins and outs of journalism, as well as other important contemporary journalism aspects such as ethics, media law, editing, and collaboration. 

Join a unique society

The vast amount of societies at Lancs can be overwhelming, especially if you’re worried about committing to something that could take up so much of your time. Not only does The Tab Lancaster host some of the best socials, we also won’t ask for loads of your time. You can write as many articles as you decide; there’s no strict commitment that you have to keep. We have weekly meetings which can now take place in person again. 

The Tab Lancaster is not affiliated with the university. This means that we can publish articles that uni-affiliated student-run publications can’t. This means we can write about whatever we like and the university has no say in what we can and can’t publish. This is because The Tab Lancaster is a branch of the national site The Tab. We have an assistant editor at Tab HQ in London to help us out. 

You also get a cool free T-shirt! Who’s going to turn down a free T-shirt?

Start your career in journalism

Whether you’ve never considered journalism before, or you’re serious about getting into the industry, The Tab is perfect for getting your foot in the door. Over the past few years, our writers have been on the radio discussing news we’d reported on, the Daily Mail and other news publications have picked up our stories, and our writers have gone on to work for national news sites.

The Tab national also has annual summer internships which you can apply for if you write for a local Tab team, so you can get even more experience in journalism.

Get all the campus gossip first

Being a part of our team means that you’re going to hear all of the campus gossip and news before it breaks. From controversies and coverups to free Greggs, you’re sure to be the first to hear about it – after all, you’re the one breaking the news!

Make a difference

Writing for The Tab Lancaster means that you’re free to write about whatever you like. As long as the article has a link to Lancaster or the university, we can publish it! That could be Taylor Swift, Friends, or the Instagram account that swears at the campus ducks. Or you could report on more serious issues like mental health, inequality, and breaking news.

Writing for The Tab can really make a difference both on and off-campus. Our articles have helped to share campaigns, spread awareness, and have inspired petitions and fundraising,

If you have something to say, The Tab Lancaster wants to hear it. 

If you’re interested in writing for us, come along to Grizedale Bar at 4 pm on Thursday October 7th to sign up! Or message us on our Instagram for more details.

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