The definitive guide to all the college events for Freshers’ Week 2021

A clearly laid out schedule for the ease of every fresher

After a year of students all around the country being confined to the four walls of their less than ideal accommodation, the clubs have finally reopened. And it’s time for Freshers’. Whether you’re a budding first year or an experienced fourth year returning for another year of drinking your liver into remission, Freshers’ is the most hyped week in the entire academic year – and for good reason.

Luckily for Lancs students, each college has the joy of coming up with their own Freshers’ Week schedule, meaning all students get a unique and exciting experience. Here is a complete list of all the Welcome Week timetables for 2021, sourced from all college Instagrams.


Sunday 3rd October: Welcome Talk & Hog Roast (5 pm).

Monday 4th October: Registration, Campus Tour (5 pm), GLOW Night (10 pm).

Tuesday 5th October: Hangover Brunch (10 am), LQBTQ+ Forum Coffee Morning (11.30 am), Follow the Rep (2 pm), Campus Tour (5 pm), Mocktail Night (TBC), Shit Shirt Night (10 pm).

Wednesday 6th October: Woodland Walk (9.30 am), Campus Tour (5 pm), Campus Bar Crawl (7 pm).

Thursday 7th October: Woodland Walk (9.30 am), Campus Tour (5 pm), Big Night Out (10 pm).

Friday 8th October: Campus Tour (5 pm), “Our Bar, Your Tunes” (6 pm).

Saturday 9th October: Formal Bar Crawl (6 pm).

Sunday 10th October: Sports Day (2 pm), “Grizzle Quizzle” (8 pm).


Saturday 2nd October – Arrivals Day: Welcome Talk, Free Lasagne Dinner, Settle in and meet your neighbours.

Sunday 3rd October – Welcome Party: Unpack, Campus tours, Dino Day in town, Welcome Party (Dress as the first letter of your name).

Monday 4th October – “Quizzing with the Queens”: The College Fair, Part 1 Academic Events, County x Cartmel go Quizzing with the Queens at Kanteena.

Tuesday 5th October – Glitter Ball at Glow: Burgers & Bonding (2nd years), Cupcake Decorating, Rodeo Bull with Bowland, Mocktails & Bingo with Sober Society, Glitter Ball Night at Glow Nightclub.

Wednesday 6th October – Waffle Wednesday: Waffle Wednesday, Freshers’ Fest, Reps’ Night Off, 2nd Year’s Revival Party.

Thursday 7th October – The County Crawl: Town Tours, Afternoon Tea & Chat, The Big County Crawl with the Sugarhouse.

Friday 8th October – Bonkers Bingo: Free Brunch, Bonkers Bingo, County hits up Generation.

Saturday 9th October – Reps’ Choice: Hangover Clinic, Clash of the Titans, LGBTQ+ Forum, Coffee & Chat, Woodland Walk, Reps’ Choice Night.

Instagram via @countycollege


Saturday 2nd October: Arrivals, Photo, Welcome Talk, Welcome Meal, Orange is the New Black Event, Quiz Night.

Sunday 3rd October: Meet your Rep, Campus/Town Tours, UV Night, Icebreakers Night.

Monday 4th October: Consent & Behaviour Session, BBQ, Petting Zoo, Campus Bar Crawl, Movie Night.

Tuesday 5th October: LGBTQ+ Forum Drop-In, College Freshers’ Fair, Bench ball, Free Night.

Wednesday 6th October: Freshers’ Fair, Glitterball at Glow with Lonsdale, Bingo.

Thursday 7th October: Scavenger Hunt, Town Takeover, Chill Night In.

Friday 8th October: Subject Orientations, College Night Colours with Furness, Game Night with Cartmel.

Saturday 9th October: Rounders vs. County, Club Night with Cartmel, Arts and Crafts.

Sunday 10th October: Pilates, Brew and You, Inglorious Brassterds with LUMS, Baking Night.


Sunday 3rd October: Off Campus/Commuter Students meet up in Furness Lecture Theatre (3.30 pm), Welcome Talk and Group Photo in Great Hall (4.30 pm), Free Lasagne in Furness Foyer (7 pm), Games Night in Furness Lecture Theatre (8 pm), Dress as your subject in Furness Courtyard (9 pm).

Monday 4th October: Free Breakfast in Furness Foyer (9 am), Welfare and Deanery Talk in Margaret Fell Lecture Theatre (10 am), UniSmart Talk (11 am, 1 pm & 3 pm), Q&A Stand in Furness Foyer (2 pm), International Student Meetup in TV Room (4 pm), Trevaoke in Trev (7 pm), UV Night in Generation (9 pm).

Tuesday 5th October: Q&A Stand Liberation Groups (10am), Liberation Group Meet and Greet in Furness Foyer (11 am), Picnic in Furness Courtyard (12 pm), Paintaing in Furness TV Room (6 pm), Campus Bar Crawl (6 pm), Big Night Out (9 pm).

Wednesday 6th October: Free Breakfast (9 am), Q&A Stand (Meal Suggestions) (10 am), Freshers’ Fest, Jammin’ Open Mic Night (7 pm), Patriots Movie Night with Take2 (8 pm).

Thursday 7th October: Q&A Stand (Sports) (10 am), Meet Your Course mates in Furness Lecture Theatre (11 am), Exhibition Matches with Cartmel (1 pm), Furness Fortunes in Furness Lt (7 pm), Glitter Ball in Glow  (9 pm).

Friday 8th October: Picnic in Furness Courtyard (12 pm), Craft Night in Furness TV Room (7 pm), Back to School in Kanteena (9 pm).

Saturday 9th October: Q&A Stand Come Chat with the JCR (1o am), LGBTQ+ Tea and Coffee Chat in Bowland Lecture Theatre (11 am), Campus Escape (2 pm), Castle Tours (2.30 pm & 3.30 pm), Blind Mates (7 pm), Formal Town Bar Crawl (7 pm).

Sunday 10th October: Free Breakfast (9 am), Q&A Stand Come Chat With the JCR (10 am), Easy Like Sunday Morning in TV Room (11 am), Bar Sports Tournament (2 pm).

Instagram via @furnesscollege


Saturday 2nd October: Arrivals, Welcome Talk & Meal, First Night Festival, Bar Sports Night.

Sunday 3rd October: Post-it Note Competition, Campus Tours, Pendle Pub Quiz.

Monday 4th October: Cake & Catch-Up, Meet Your Course Mates, Glitterball at Glow, Book Club.

Tuesday 5th October: College Coffee with the LGBTQ+ Forum, BYO Picnic, Sugar-Rush, Games Night & Bingo.

Wednesday 6th October: Freshers’ Fest, 80’s Neon Night at Generation, The Big Night In with SoberSoc.

Thursday 7th October: Town Tours, Pendle Live.

Friday 8th October: Subject Orientation, Woodland Walk to Green Pendle, Pendle’s Big Night Out.

Saturday 9th October: Meet the Sports Captains.

Sunday 10th October: Welfare Breakfast, Movie Night with Take2 Cinema.


Sunday 3rd October: Moving In, Welcome Fair, B For Bowland Welcome Party.

Monday 4th October: Part one Academic Events, Campus Tours, Drop-In for Queries, Slumber Party at The Sugarhouse.

Tuesday 5th October: Campus Tours, Lancaster City Tour, Rodeo Bull with County, Life’s a Beach! Party at the Crafty Scholar.

Wednesday 6th October: breathe. Walk Around the Woodland Trail, Freshers’ Fest, Meditation Taster Session in the Chaplaincy, Freshers’ Mixer Night In.

Thursday 7th October: Campus Tours, Picnic with a View, The Trough in Action, Big Bowland Quiz.

Friday 8th October: Part 1 Subject, Orientation, Drop-In for Queries, Games Night, Town Pub Crawl.

Saturday 9th October: LGBTQ+ Forum Drop-In, Lady Meets the Lion, Founders After Party at Generation.

Sunday 10th October: Film Afternoon at Take2 Cinema, Drop-In for Queries, Pottery: From Clay to Display.

Instagram via @bowlandcollege


Sunday 3rd October – “Move-in Day”: Move In, Welcome Talk, Free Welcome Meal, Meet your JCR, Unpack & Meet Your Housemates.

Monday 4th October – “Quizzing With the Queens”: Meet Your House Mixer, Campus Tour, Kanteena Quiz x County College, Sip & Paint.

Tuesday 5th October – “Sugarhouse BNO”: Town Tours, Big Night Out Bar Crawl, Big Night Out at The Sugarhouse, Game Night.

Wednesday 6th October – “Bierkeller”: Meet Your House Mixer, Take2 Cinema x Shrek, Bierkeller x BrassWurst Bavarian Band.

Thursday 7th October – “Glitterball BNO”: SCR Brunch International Meet 7 Greet, Exhibition Matches, Pre-Drinks Quiz, Big Night Out at Glow Nightclub.

Friday 8th October – “Speed Mate-ing”: Workout Session, Lancaster’s Family Fortunes, Speeding Friending, Casino Night x Fylde College.

Saturday 9th October – “Barker House Club”: JCR Brunch, Sports Day, Campus Bar Crawl, Big Night Out at Barker House Farm, Arts Workshop.

Sunday 10th October – “Open Mic Night”: Coffee Morning x LGBTQ+ Forum, Open Mic Night, Barker House Cinema, Night In Ready For The Week Ahead.

Instagram via @cartmel_college


Saturday 2nd October – “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”: Welcome Talk, Free Jacket Potato Dinner, Meet Everyone and Settle in, Meet Your Reps!, ABBA Party in Lonnie Bar.

Sunday 3rd October – “House Wars”: Welfare Breakfast (10 am-12 am), Town Tours with Reps, House Wars (5 pm), Party in Lonnie Bar.

Monday 4th October – “Feed em to the lions”: Sugar with Bowland (Animal Print Theme).

Tuesday 5th October: Sexual Health Bingo in Lonnie Bar.

Wednesday 6th October: Glitterball at Glow with Fylde.

Thursday 7th October: Campus Tours with Reps, Campus Crawl, Neon in Lonnie Bar.

Friday 8th October: Bar Crawl in Town, Big Old Smurf Night, A Lonnie Tradition at Sugar.

Saturday 9th October: Founders Social x Bowland at Generation.

Sunday 10th October: Freshers’ Awards, Pizza & PJ’s.

Instagram via @lonsdalecollege

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