Which Extrav would each member of the ‘Friends’ gang go to?

They would absolutely be the life of the party! Except maybe Ross…

Extravs are back! And so is Friends as the reunion show airs tonight. We can’t believe the two most iconic things have made a return just for us. 2021 really is looking up.

We don’t get much insight into what the Friends gang were like at uni, except for Ross and Chandler who were complete nerds, so there’s lots of fun and free reign in imagining it. If the Friends cast were at Lancaster would they have all turned out to be the same people? What societies would they have joined? Which campus bar would be their favourite?

All that doesn’t matter because the most important question is which Extrav 2021 would each member of the gang go to?

Rachel Green – Grizedale

Everyone’s favourite fashionista, Rachel Green, would definitely go to Grizedale’s Coachella themed bash! We just know that if she was a teenager in 2021, Rachel would be following all the festival fashion trends: glitter everywhere, tiny tops, crazy boots and bum bags.

She’d get her dad to buy her and all her friends a ticket. Bit of a party girl she knows how to have a good time and she’d know the words to all the songs being played.

Ross Geller – Cartmel

This might be a controversial statement, but Ross Geller is arguably the most sentimental character of all the Friends gang. You cannot convince us that Ross doesn’t spend at least an hour every day reminiscing about the past and just living in a world of nostalgia.

That’s why Ross would just love the “The Year We Missed” theme of Cartmel’s Extrav – he’d probably go dressed as Hanukkah or Valentine’s Day. To be honest, he might not be that fun, he’d probably get a little too drunk and Rachel would have to pick him up afterwards for getting emotional on the dance floor.

Chandler Bing – Lonsdale

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: “Chandler would never go to a Mama Mia themed Extrav”, but just think about it. He totally would, and not only would he go, but he would also climb onto the tables and sing Dancing Queen right from the top of his lungs.

As awkward as he is, Mr Bing takes from his drag-queen father and erotic-author mother and knows how to recognise and have a good time with one of the most classic bands ever. Monica would make fun of it for him, but secretly she’ll be jealous that she wasn’t there.

Monica Geller – Furness

Monica would probably have a ticket to all of them, to be honest, as efficient as she is, but she can only go to one. On the one hand, she’s a control freak, but on the other hand, Monica Geller is a total wild card. At first, we thought Fylde’s Orange Is the New Black theme would be great, but she’d prefer to keep the order rather than participate in the chaos of a jailbreak…

Extrav isn’t a time to be worrying about all your mates and frantically chasing after them, it’s a time to relax; so Furness’ Tropicana theme is perfect. We can just imagine Monica’s frizzy hair and tan making a reappearance and she’d totally let her hair down and go just a little crazy. But isn’t that the jungle spirit?

Phoebe Buffay – Pendle

The oddball of the gang, Phoebe, is the one who most embodies a creature that would belong in the Pendle Enchanted Forest – maybe dressed as a pixie or an ancient feminist deity. She would come all decked out in her pointed elf ears, hypnotising patterns, and fully commit to the theme and spirit of this Extrav.

Phoebe’s the girl you want around too, she’d provide the *herbs* and teach the crowd a few spells and really represent Pendle’s witchy mascot. Who knows, she might even perform Smelly Cat.

Joey Tribbiani – County

Joey, a forever-child with a bottomless pit for a stomach, would absolutely adore County’s birthday-themed night. Imagine all the cake he could eat, all the sweets and the frothy drinks.

County has suggested attendants come dressed as their favourite superhero or cartoon character, and Joey would just eat that up. He might take it a little too far though, the actor that he is, and come dressed as Superman only to literally launch himself out of a tree or something… But anyway, we cannot think of a place where the loveable idiot would be happier.

Sorry, Bowland looks like no one’s gonna be making it to your party. Though, keep an eye out for leather pants Ross, he just might turn up.

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