Which WandaVision character are you based on your college?

OK, we all know Pendle is Agnes

The following article may contain spoilers for all nine episodes of WandaVision on Disney+

WandaVision, the first series set in the Marvel Universe to release on Disney+, has taken the internet by storm in the past two months. The nine-episode series has conquered fans’ hearts as we experience the mysteries of the town of Westview as it transforms through sitcom decades. Discover how Wanda coped with her loss from previous movies and been introduced to a new host of fan favourite characters, from Jimmy Woo, Monica to Wanda’s new twins. So the question clearly looming over every Lancs student’s mind is, which college would these characters be in? The Lancaster Tab has undertaken some deep cinematic analysis to discover the answer.

Furness – Darcy Lewis

Small gals and small colleges have got to stick together, right? But being one of the smallest colleges on campus or being short like Darcy certainly doesn’t get in the way of either of these two making themselves stand out or expressing their bold personalities. With a slogan like “Everywhere else is nowhere”, Furness seems like the perfect fit for someone as witty and “notoriously self-involved” as Darcy. Apart from that, Darcy would definitely want to be close enough to Costa with a self-professed coffee addiction. Perfect personality, perfect location.

Fylde – Monica Rambeau

Monica probably has more willpower and sporty energy than anyone else in the show, and Fylde is certainly one of the sportiest and most energetic colleges, so it’s a perfect fit, really. With running skills like she shows off in episode six, she’d probably fit right into Fylde’s sports bar and would definitely be taking advantage of sitting out on the field in the summer.

Cartmel – Dottie

If Dottie could fit in anywhere in Lancaster, it would have to be in Cartmel: full-on en-suites, which we can’t imagine Dottie living without, and she would probably find the most expensive accommodation on campus more hospitable. While she probably won’t be organising many more events “for the children”, she would absolutely be seizing control of their JCR to make sure the new builds on campus remained pristine and maintain a healthy social calendar.

Grad – The Vision

Yes, there is a bit of a contradiction since the Vision was only created a year or two ago, and Grad students are the oldest on campus. Still, few could argue Vision has the energy of someone much older, wiser, and usually clueless about their surroundings. This seems like a pretty good description of Grad College. Vision is pretty unique among the characters for being a sentient synthezoid, and Grad College is distinct for its more exclusive membership, so Vision would probably fit right in here.

Pendle – Agnes

Where else could she go, really? Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen episode seven, but Wanda isn’t the only magical girl in Westview. No one is doing the witch look better than Agatha, making her a perfect fit for Pendle. What more could we ask for? References to the Salem Trials, a silhouette broach, fancy magical effects. Agatha would be perfect as Pendle’s new mascot. Even better, with a witty and mischievous attitude, no other character could match the Pendle persona quite like Agnes.

Bowland – Pietro Maximoff

No one likes being the centre of attention more than Pietro, and nowhere on-campus stands out quite like Bowland Tower. Both have been the subjects of recent renovations (admittedly, Pietro’s changes have been a bit more extreme) to give them a new lease of life (again, Pietro in a more extreme way), and Pietro would absolutely love being in the, in normal times, bustling centre of Campus, and more importantly, the shortest walk from Greggs.

County – Jimmy Woo 

Jimmy has been the breakout star of WandaVision, stealing audiences’ hearts with an upbeat attitude, friendly demeanour, standing up for his friends, and beating up Hayward’s guards. With sportiness to match Monica and an increasingly huge fan base, Jimmy would absolutely deserve a home in Lancaster’s biggest college. Obviously, this has nothing to do with wanting to see Jimmy at a future townhouse party; these judgements are entirely scientific.

Grizedale – The Twins

Billy and Tommy are nothing if not energetic and would be the life of any party they decided to attend, and where better to party than in Grizedale bar? While I can’t endorse underage drinking or their stance on cocktail preferences, the vibe alone more than justifies sending them to Grizedale. Better yet, they would probably want to be in some of the townhouses to be part of a big group and take advantage of the extra space. Tommy will need it for running space at least.

Lonsdale – Wanda Maximoff

Wanda has become one of the most powerful, inspiring and sympathetic characters in the Marvel Universe, and no college’s icon fits that theme quite like the Lonsdale lion. As a founding college, Lonsdale certainly has the main character vibe, and the Scarlet Witch could probably blend in nicely in the Red Lion. Besides, if she does at some point create a fake reality which she controls, I’d rather it stayed at the other end of campus to me.

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