Which ‘Peaky Blinders’ gang is your college?

With ‘Peaky Blinders’ coming to Williamson Park, there isn’t a better time to find out which gang is your college

We’re all excited for the Williamson Park cameo destined to grace our silver screens in the next series of the BBC’s Peaky Blinders after the film crew were spotted filming yesterday. Whether or not Lancs will be featured in the series, the real question is what gang would you be in if Lancaster University was 1920s Birmingham? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re insulted, we don’t want to hear it – we don’t make the rules.


Sorry Bowland, you’re the constant villains of our tale: the nippers. Full of Inspector Campbells and general pushovers, you may be strong on the technical side of things, and maybe on the moral side of things, but no one thanks you for it.

It’s thankless work being the establishment, but that’s what you get for being the oldest of the lot, trying to maintain your order over the rest of us. Drop off your high horse a minute and maybe we can corrupt you and make you fun.


By order of the Peaky *fuckin’* Blinders, County are our eponymous heroes, congratulations. Always down for some booze, maybe not some high-end Irish whiskey, but you’re bold, loud and definitely make yourself known. You might not always be right, but you’re damn entertaining and we thank you for your content.


How to be vital and yet unimportant? Cartmel serves us the brilliant work of Billy Kimber’s gang: important for the plot-line of series one and some character development, but ask me in two years and I’ll forget about you.

You have some money going on, which would be fine if you weren’t so blatant about it, but you’re not very problematic simply for the fact no one knows where you even are. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but not all bad so just sit down and count your pennies.


Congratulations Grizedale, you’re Alfie’s gang. Led by the immaculate Tom Hardy, you’re interesting, occasionally spicy, but generally a bit more on the low-down than the Peaky Blinders. What a sweet spot to be in. You may not be the first thing we think of, but dang you can give us some memories. Enjoy your status, it’s never a bad thing to be with our boy Alfie.


Time for some tough love. Lonny, I’m afraid you are our Sabinis, led by the moustachioed Darby. Some lovely antagonism in series two but I am afraid to say, rather lacklustre overall. Prone to some substantial fails, I’m afraid you’re a little beyond our help. With a love-hate relationship with Alfie’s crew, you’ve done some good formative work, but tend to end low in our estimations. Don’t worry, eat some pizza and it’ll all be well.


Small, consistent, and committed to the cause, here we see our Irish rebels. It’s somewhat of an antagonistic position to be in, but you have some strong commitment, a clear idea of your wants and goals, and you pursue them with vigour. Maybe not the most important or indeed memorable gangs in our line-up, but you make yourself noticed when you want to be and you will achieve what you set your mind to- eventually.


Our revolutionaries. Pendle, you are our communists, led in the short-term by Freddie Thorne. Our witches, subversive to the established standards and persecuted for your efforts, you gain retrospective respect and apologies from your peers. Both in the centre and a bit out of it, you’re unproblematic but also integral to the general development of our tale- where would we be without our little baby Shelby courtesy of Mr Thorne? Heads up comrades, nice going.


We get it, you like sports. Fylde, you’re our constant source of light entertainment, with brilliant fast food and football screens galore: you’re our Lee Family. Although intermittently rowdy, you’re energetic and close-knit, in the thick of things and always down for a game. You also like some good ole’ teamwork and are happy to collaborate with others. A good place to be that.


Time for some further apologies for our last and somewhat least: Grad College. I’m sorry to say it, but you are our Oswald Mosley and politicians. Not to be insulting, but you’re not a gang like the rest, you’re a bit out there and a close-knit club, more grown-up and less down for scrapping.

Not to say you can’t get lively – you’ve honed your insults and arguing well in Commons – but it’s just a bit too sophisticated for the rest of us. You’re mature, big-picture people, here for advancement and career prospects rather than a jolly. Some respect, but you just ain’t it I’m afraid.

So there you have it. Together, the colleges at Lancs Uni could make up the cast of Peaky Blinders.

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