QUIZ: Which High School Musical song is your Lancaster Uni anthem?

This is potentially the most important test you will ever take… x

High School Musical is probably THE most iconic teen movie trilogy ever, and for good reason. It takes the very relatable content of being a student, adding in the common trials of choosing between your two passions, and the sunny feeling of making friends for life and meeting your first love. How do they manage to do this, you ask? Through the powers of song and dance!

We may not be in sixth form anymore, but the general school and academic vibe is still there, and I think we can all still relate to High School Musical’s core themes and messages. That’s what gives these movies their long lasting appeal and longevity. You’ve probably taken a million other High School Musical related quizzes: which character are you, who would you date, what song best represents you. But we guarantee that you’ve never taken a High School Musical quiz like this one before!

Whether you’re a Sharpay, a Troy, or even a Coach Bolton, you’re going to want to take this quiz to find out which song should define the rest of your uni life! And, no matter what your result is, remember: We’re all in this together. Get your head in the game.

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