Quizmas day eight: how you made it through 2020 will tell you your Christmas presents

Providing you made it through 2020

Back one million lifetimes ago in Christmas 2019, the world we were living in looked very different to the bizarre alternate reality that we are currently residing in. It’s unlikely that while you were testing out the new presents that you’d received, you were already planning out exactly what you wanted for next year’s edition of Noël.  

Even if you were, it’s fair to assume that that wish list might have changed by now after persevering through one of the roughest years ever – even rougher than when 2016 was killing off our favourite celebrities. One thing that this “lump of coal” of a year did do was show people’s true colours; meaning that your friends and family may have kept a keen eye on how you survived travel restrictions, tier three, and Tiger King to decide on the perfect gift to give you this Christmas.

Bearing that in mind, take this quiz so that we can dutifully inform you of exactly what it is that you’ll be unwrapping on Christmas Day. Enjoy:


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