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Quizmas day five: Plan a night out in Lancs and we’ll tell you what Christmas movie you are

Clubs being shut is the biggest ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ x

Deciding which Christmas movie to watch after the whole family has entered a state of comatose as a result the Christmas dinner is likely to cause most of the arguments every year. This is because we don’t understand ourselves and each other enough as people to know which Christmas film we would be best suited to our needs.

The age-old debate over whether to watch a classic or something new on Netlfix is almost as controversial as the choice between different types of advent calendars (but we’ll save that for another day). There’s been enough upset and turmoil this year and there’s no need to turn on each other on this day of celebration. So, for the good of families and Christmas time the Lancaster Tab has stepped in to offer a solution:

Without further ado, take this quiz to find out which Christmas movie you are based on your night out in Lancs.


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