Quizmas day three: What part of Christmas day are you based on your college?

If you are in Grizedale then you definitely get drunk with your family, just saying x

It’s Lancs Tab Quizmas day three! The count down the Christmas has well and truly started, it’s almost as if we can taste the pigs in blankets and hear Christmas songs everywhere we go. Christmas Day this year is going to be a little different from every other year as Covid is that unwanted guest at the dinner table who just won’t leave.

But nevertheless, not even a virus which caused a global pandemic can suck the joy out of the most magical time of the year. So with Christmas fast approaching, and we all look forward to the big day, there seems to be a structure to Christmas day which everyone follows. Ever wondered which part of Christmas day you are? We are here to tell you based on your college at Lancs Uni, then take the quiz at the end to see if we got it right.

Waking up at 6am to open presents – County

One of the main joys of Christmas is the presents. Covid has been the gift that keeps on giving, but this Christmas, everyone can’t wait to unwrap a box with something they want inside. This seems like the main event, just like County is the largest college, but let’s be real, sometimes you are overhyped like when your grandma knits you a pair of gloves too small – a little bit disappointing.

Showing off your presents – Lonsdale

If you are in Lonsdale then you most likely scoop all your presents into one pile and like to show them off. If you got some clothes then you try them on straight away, if you got a gadget or new technology then you set it up straight away. You are a little impatient and want everyone to know just how much you got.

Welcoming the family – Pendle

This year we may not be able to see all the family member we would like to with the three household restrictions over Christmas, but at least we are still allowed to mix with family on Christmas Day. If you are from Pendle then you are most likely that person who welcomes your aunts, uncles and grandparents inside, checking if they want a hot drink or a snack before the Christmas roast. You are attentive and have a warm personality, it’s just who you are.

Christmas dinner – Cartmel

Cartmel College is one of the only colleges who provide catered accommodation. So if you are in Cartmel, then it’s likely that you love food and probably don’t know how to cook so you like other people doing it for you. Christmas dinner is the main event of the day and if you don’t eat sprouts or finish your entire the plate then what is the point?

Pulling crackers – Bowland

Do you laugh at the Christmas cracker jokes, put on the gold hat, read out the riddles to everyone at the table and actually put the paperclip you won away in your draw to use one day? If you said yes, then you are most likely from Bowland. You know the jokes are bad but that makes you love them even more. Just like pulling crackers you are loud and entertain an entire room.

Clearing away – Grad

You know that moment after everyone has finished their meal and the crackers have been pulled and the Christmas pudding has been devoured and there is a pause to see who wants to help clear away? Everyone knows that moment. If you are in Grad college then you are probably the first to help clear the table and start filling up the dishwasher. You are mature and want to help out. Maybe you even offer around a box of Quality Streets and ask if anyone wants a coffee. You are very caring and considerate.

Games in the afternoon – Fylde

As a sporty college, if you are from Fylde then you are probably very competitive. So after all the plates are washed up, you are most likely that person in your family who brings out Monopoly and challenges your family to a three-hour game you are determined to win. If you don’t bankrupt your grandad and make your sister remortgage her house, then was it really Christmas Day? I think not.

Getting drunk with your family – Grizedale

If you are in Grizedale, you didn’t choose that college for the accommodation, you chose it to be close to Grizedale bar. You know exactly what cocktails you like in the 2-4-1 deal and you will probably buy shots on top of that. For Christmas, you will probably get bottles of gin you will not resist opening at the first possible chance and have bucks fizz for breakfast because you take any opportunity to have alcohol.

Watching a Christmas film – Furness

It’s almost the end of Christmas day and you decide to watch a Christmas film as a family. There is an argument about whether you should watch Love actually or Elf and then settle down on the sofa with a box of Matchmakers and enjoy the final hours of Christmas. It may seem like something small, but watching a Christmas film completes the perfect day, just like how Furness is the smallest college but makes a big difference.

Take the quiz below to see which part of Chrsitmas day you really are and whether or not you are in the right college.