Quizmas day two: Which member of the flat Christmas party are you, really?

Don’t wanna be in the secret Santa? Scrooge

Christmas flat parties are what makes the festive season at Lancaster. Yeah, we’ve got the lovely library tree and the reindeers made of fairy lights. But everyone knows it’s that flat Christmas dinner and the eight bottles of Prosecco in the fridge that have got you through the last two weeks of term.

At every flat Christmas party arrives seven types of flatmates. They’re kind of the same flatmates that you’ve been living with all term, but festive.

Your organised, uni committed, breakout-room-legend flatmate is the same, but during December they’ve gone from uni legend to Christmas god. The same goes for that flatmate that never leaves their room, you know it, they know it: Scrooge. That flatmate that is a little too obsessed with their Tinder matches? They’re almost certain to land a lead role under the mistletoe at your Christmas party.

Wondering where you fit at this year’s Christmas flat party? We’ve got you. Take the quiz below to find out which member of the Christmas flat party you are, really?


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