Here are all the things we miss about Whoops Wednesdays

Let’s relive those memories

Wednesday night. This was the highlight of our week, the silver lining of uni, the night of freedom after submitting that essay that you’ve spent an all nighter completing. We’ve lost a lot in this pandemic, but no words can describe the loss of a midweek Sugar sesh.

Receiving the “what you wearing tonight?” texts from your mates and doing a full face of makeup, only to be spending most of your night looking after your mate who had too many jagers, and queuing for what seemed like forever just to get a double vodka coke.

So here is a complete list to allow you to reminisce over the drunken memories you have of Whoops Wednesday. If you can actually remember them, that is.

Sports night out

You could always tell who was on a sports social. Rugby lads stumbling into Sugar as if they own the place, VKs galore, and different sports socs having different themes. What a night. Everyone accepted the fact that people came to Sugar in all sorts of outfits and there was never any judgement. Well, maybe a bit – but c’mon, speedos? Really?

Buying 3-4-£6 VKs

This is an offer that we couldn’t say no to. The classic pic with your VKs is a must when at Sugar. It’s basically the law.

Not needing to pay for a taxi back home

The free Sugarbus is a gift from God. Waiting for us behind Sugar and dropping us off at the underpass as we all stumble to Sultans. Did you even go out if you didn’t end your night at Sultans? Just think, the money you save on the free Sugarbus rather than a taxi is money you can spend in Sultans – so ypu basically haven’t spent any money really.

Meeting your new bestie in the toilets

Complement that girl who you sat next to once in a seminar on her outfit while she’s drunk crying in the toilets about her boyfriend and the two of you are instantly besties. It’s the start of a new friendship, adding each other on snap and insta but never talking again. Ah, memories.

Random celebs

Anyone remember when Fatman Scoop made an appearance? Joel Corry? Mackie Gee? Roman Kemp? And who could forget Paul Chuckle? Sugar also managed to have Scouting for Girls play there in 2018, somehow.

The music that brings something for everybody

DJ Wez in the bar providing the absolute goods. Mixing it up with cheesy hits and old school in the front room and chart bangers in the back room, appealing to everyone, from RnB lovers to those who love a good rave. That is, of course, until the music defaults to the classic thumping bass and then all the people who came for “indie night” decide to go home. Fair enough.

Bringing your mates from other unis to which was the best night of their lives

Bless them, they didn’t even know what Sugar (aka a banging night out) was until they came to Lancs. Truly unforgettable. We’d even go as far as to say that one or two of them probably considered transferring to Lancs after experiencing a Whoops Wednesday.

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Losing your mates in the queue for the loos

The line leading to outside into the smoking area just for the toilets was confusing, especially when you were drunk and the whole club was spinning. Telling your mates to “wait here” for when you’ve finished, going back to meet them and them disappearing off the face of the earth. Wasn’t hard guys. However, the queue for the toilets was the perfect opportunity to say hey to your lecture bestie.

Watching people fight with the bouncers

No other way to put it hun, no student ID no entry. No matter how much you flirt with the bouncers, you ain’t getting in. Although it was always nice to see security peacefully escorting someone to the tent outside Sugar that had people there giving out free water – how lovely.

Sultans for afters

The only way to end the night out. Perhaps a disputed opinion when Maccies and Flames are also open in the early hours of the morning. The fact that all of these are only a few mins walk away from Sugar just enhances the whole experience.

Regardless, nothing really compares to stumbling into Sultans at 4am and stumbling out with your curly fries – and free bottle of water. In that moment of drunken bliss, we all knew what happiness felt like. Until the next morning when you wake up to half a container of food in your room.

Free drinks from the people that bought all of the VKs ever

Cheers lads, I’ll *definitely* buy you the next one…

Knowing that during the day, it is just a place to collect lost property

Remember walking into Sugar with your fave jacket and leaving without it? We remember the days when we could just walk in and claim our jackets back, oh how we missed u xxx

Staying until the lights come on

At 4am. Those who stayed out were the troopers. Most people just “couldn’t be arsed” and left. The promise of a good night out that started on the way to Sugar, as you smuggled your tinnies onto the bus.

Saying “I’ll just come to pres”

Your flatmates will drag you out because it’ll be “such a good night with everyone.” You’re actually glad that your mates know what’s best for you, as you dance the night away.

Don’t worry though, we will one day be reunited with Sugar. It may not be soon, but it’ll happen. But until then, I guess we’ve just got to remember all those things that made a Wednesday night the best night of the week.

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