Quizmas day four: Which boxing day leftovers are you based on your effort this term?

Please, please, please be the pigs in blankets x

The family lunch on boxing day says a lot about how the household is run, so why can’t it say a lot about what a person’s study habits are. There some obvious stereotypes, everyone has turkey sandwiches for a full week after Christmas day, there is always a wrestling match over the final few pigs in blankets and nobody wants to eat salad until their inevitable health kick in January.

Effort this term has varied drastically as the weeks have passed. Students arrived on campus in September bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but now many are starting to feel more like roadkill. As much as we all wanted online uni to be a success it’s much harder to listen to a lecturer when TikToks are playing in the background.

Wondering which cold Christmassy food sums you up the best? Well, look no further: The Lancaster Tab is here to feed you a heaping mouthful of ice-cold truths. Take the quiz below to find out which boxing day leftovers are you based on your effort this term?


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