Quizmas day seven: Plan your perfect Christmas and we’ll tell you what type of Lancs student you are

Drinking before 10am says a lot about you

The Lancs Tab Quizmas day seven is upon us, that means there is only 18 more sleeps until Christmas Day and your true love will hopefully send you six geese a laying, a partridge in a pear tree and some other miscellaneous items!

Christmas is the best time of the year and planning the perfect Christmas Day (with Covid restrictions in mind) is part of the fun. The time you wake up to the Christmas film playing in the background are all little clues into your character. The answer you have been looking for since the moment you stepped onto campus, what type of Lancs student are you, lies in your idea of a perfect Christmas.

If you wake up before eight am on Christmas morning, you definitely have 100 per cent attendance. Popping a bottle of prosecco before 10am? You live for Whoops Wednesday. Asleep on the sofa whilst watching a christmas special in the afternoon? Hey Grizedale.

Wait no longer, take the quiz below to start the amazing journey of self actualisation and find out exactly what type of Lancaster student you are.


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