All the types of flatmates you will find at Lancs Uni

You know you love each and every one of them x

When it comes to flatmates, you never know what you are going to get, but there are certain types of flatmates you are bound to encounter and certain roles that are always going to be fulfilled. We all come to university thinking we know what type of flatmate we will be, but once you are left alone without adult supervision, you have no idea who you will become. Here are all the type of flatmates you are bound to find in your university accommodation at Lancaster University.

Mother hen

This flatmate is a true saint because let’s be honest if it weren’t for her you would have died a thousand times over. She has put a lot of effort into keeping you alive and well such as ensuring you get to bed safely when you have had way too much to drink, making sure you don’t stick a knife into the toaster, or just giving you that much-needed hug when everything gets too much to handle.

It is magic how this flatmate possesses those special skills that only your actual mother has, such as the ability to find anything you are looking for with such ease, the ability to fix anything in a moments notice or instantly know how to the answer to all those little questions you have about getting through life.

If you are this flatmate, we applaud you, and we thank you.

The liability

This is the Mother Hens greatest challenge and ultimately, why she is so desperately needed. It’s always a mystery how this flatmate manages to injury themselves doing the smallest of tasks; some may even say it’s actually quite impressive. Opening a tin of sweetcorn? Cut themselves. Taking the bins out? Trips down the stairs. Walking to the kitchen? Bangs into the door, leaving a massive bruise. All of this and they haven’t even gotten alcohol into their system yet, once this happens this flatmate needs a whole new level of supervision, and it really does take a village.

The alcoholic

Let’s be honest; we all enjoy getting drunk and having a good time, but this flatmate takes this to a questionable level. Without fail this flatmate will always get two cans in just because it’s a “Tuesday”. At first, you may have been concerned about this person, giving them weird looks or asking if they need that drink, but over time you have come to accept that this is who they are and that’s ok.

This housemate will likely also think of themselves as a “cocktail expert”, mixing up these strange combinations for you all to enjoy, but honestly, no one is enjoying. Everyone else wants to stick to the basics, vodka lemonade or rum and coke. One good thing about this flatmate is that no drink will go to waste, the combination may be off, or it may be way too strong, but this flatmate thinks “hey as long as it gets the job done how bad can it be?”

The thief

It’s a tale as old as time, you go to the kitchen crazing a nice bit of toast and a cup of tea but lo and behold you only have the crust piece of your bread left, and your milk is out of date. You look into other peoples cupboards and find a nice fresh loaf and a full carton of milk in the fridge, and you think to yourself, they won’t notice if I take a slice or two and a drizzle of milk will they? Or you tell yourself that if you asked the answer would be yes, so why bother them now?

We all know this flatmate, yes this may happen to everyone once in a while, but this is an event that takes place way too often when it comes to this flatmate. But trust me, it never goes unnoticed.

The maid

This is the housemates who come to uni with a full suitcase of cleaning products, most of which no one else would know even exists. Cleaning brings this person peace; there is no better feeling than wiping a dirty surface until it is spotless or tackling that massive pile of washing up that has been growing. This flatmate will tell themselves not to clean other peoples mess, but everyone knows that the time will come when they will crack and do it anyway.

Chances are this flatmate will never be one person, it’s almost like everyone naturally takes turns and despises mess at some point or another, and this is what keeps everyone sane in the house and keeps the peace.

The mess

This flatmate fits this title in both the literal sense and the metaphorical sense because let us be honest you can’t be one without the other. This flatmate hasn’t had many encounters with cleaning products this year and barely knows what washing up is but you let them off mostly because you feel sorry for them. Suppose the good thing is most of the meals there cook involve heating a ready meal or chucking something frozen in the oven, so you don’t mind washing up that one plate for them.

Not only is this flatmate a mess when it comes to the kitchen most of the time, but their life is also a mess as well. Their sleep schedule is off, they barely know what day it is, and most of the times they don’t even remember what seminars they have to attend.

Whether you love or hate it, we all know that without each and everyone one of these people university wouldn’t be the same.

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