Be honest about your Lancs student habits, and we’ll tell you if you’d survive the jungle

If you leave your mates on a night out it’s a definite no

Student life in Lancaster is often more like the life of the camp mates in the I’m A Celeb jungle than we would like to think. Cold showers, rice and beans, a big castle? Sounds a lot like my time as a uni student.

Despite the similarities, how likely are you to survive the jungle? Well, the answer is actually in your day-to-day life, your student habits. How likely are you to start an essay the night before it’s due? How often do you go to the gym? What’s your most famous uni dish? Exactly how do you react when your housemate has a messy one in Sugar? Do you drop out of your online seminar as soon as “breakout rooms” is mentioned?

If you’re honest about your student habits, we’ll tell you whether or not you’d have any chance of surviving the jungle. We won’t judge you. Answer the quiz below to find out!


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