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‘You’ season two showed us the seven totems of LA, so here are Lancaster’s

Once you see them all you can never leave

By now everyone has finished YOU season two, or just binged watched it in 24 hours. Either way, everyone is going crazy for YOU as a third season has just been confirmed.

In season two, Love Quinn and her friends told Joe Goldberg the seven totems of L.A. including a burning palm tree, two socialites wearing the same outfit and a dog in a stroller. Seeing all seven of these iconic moments means that you will stay in L.A. forever as you have truly experienced the essence of that place.

This got us thinking. What if Joe were to stroll into Alex square and naively ask about the seven totems of Lancaster. Just in case he does, we found them.

1. Seeing all the ducks in a line

While the ducks on campus are iconic, it is more unique to find a whole line of ducks wandering about playing follow the leader. Even though they spend most of the day sleeping, it is often that you find them blocking your path.

If you see a line of ducks crossing the road in front of you, you've spotted totem number one.

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2. All first years in the library

Not being able to get a seat in the library because it is filled with first years is a definite totem of Lancs. The totem will sneak up on you, much alike to Joe. They will be in a corner somewhere on A or B floor, because they haven't the nerve to venture up to C floor yet.

You will struggle to decipher whether or not they're first years for a while, until they start talking. "How's the 101 coursework?" or "Shall we just go back to the flat?" or worse, "It doesn't count anyway!". First years. Second totem secured.

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3. Someone with all flavours of VK in Sugar

Sugar's three-for-six deal on a Wednesday gets you buying VKs all over the place. Everyone has their favourite flavour, and sugar lets you can mix and match your flavours. Seeing someone with ALL the flavours, trying to dance with all the bottles in their hands, is the third totem on Lancs Uni.

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4. An empty Spine

Normally it is a mad rush down the spine as you run from the library to George Fox, bumping into people as they are late for their lectures. So it is a rare moment to see the North or South Spine empty. But it has been done. That rare occasion when you can freely walk from Bowland to Furness as you see no one in sight.

5. The Grease Medley playing in Sugar after 2am

It is a classic when Sugar plays any Grease song. But it is iconic when they play the Grease Medley, making it the fifth totem on this list. It is normally played right after that song which is just bass and no lyrics, so you think about leaving, then "Summer lovin'" comes on and there is no way you are leaving until every Grease song has been played.

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6. No queue for the library toilets

It is almost impossible for the library toilets to have no queue. Normally you have to stand there for ages crossing your legs, the coursework you have to do seeming more appealing than waiting an extra minute in the queue.

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But when it does happen, and you don't have to wait a single second for the toilets, it's a good moment.

7. Waiting twenty minutes for a sausage roll

Everyone has experienced the struggle of having to wait a lifetime in the Gregg's queue to finally get a sausage roll. But having to wait over twenty minutes and not leaving the queue is a true sign that Lancs students have a real obsession with Greggs. Final totem is in place. You can never leave.

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If you have experienced all seven of these totems, you are a true Lancs Uni student! Without a doubt you have seen it all if you can tick everything off this list. Let us know if you have completed everything on this list. You really may never escape Lancs.