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Lancs student arrested outside Fylde Bar after pool game gets heated

Student was ‘drunk and disorderly’

A student was arrested on Tuesday night after a fight broke out outside The Mill at Fylde.

One student told The Lancaster Tab: "The pool got heated and one of the Grizedale team punches one of the Fylde team and now been arrested apparently."

Another student said: "My flat mates were there and basically after one of the games of pool ended, one of the Grizedale players got aggressive and a fight started."

A Grizedale student has been arrested following a game of pool between Fylde and Grizedale colleges

"Security pulled them out and after like ages of him being aggressive, pushing them around and stuff and getting up on a table, the security guards put him on the ground and held him there for like 10/15 minutes before the police arrived and took him away.

Apparently both Fylde and Grizedale porters were called as well. Security warned him that they'd call the police and he said he 'didn't care about the popo.'"

The Tab Lancaster contacted Lancashire Police about the altercation, to which they responded with the following statement:

"We were called to reports of a fight at Fylde College bar, at around 9:55pm on Tuesday evening.

A 21 year old male was arrested for being drunk and disorderly; he has since been issued with a penalty notice for disorder."