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SU Welfare Officer jokes about leaving sexual misconduct policy to the last minute

She has since publicly apologised

Student Union Welfare and Community officer, Grishma Bijukumar, uploaded an Instagram story joking about leaving her review of the new proposed bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct policy until last minute.

Bijukumar's commitment to her role as Welfare and Community officer came into question after posting to her Instagram story that she had left it until the day before it would be reviewed and confirmed.

In the Instagram story she said: "Had two weeks to review the new proposed bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct policy… doing it the day before. Oops."

This contradicts Grishma's campaign for the role of VP Welfare and Community, which stated that her key policies would be sexual misconduct, mental and sexual health and providing greater support for liberation and minority groups.

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Grishma has since released a public apology to members of Lancaster University Students' Union regarding the post she uploaded to her Instagram story. She said: "I apologise to everyone to whom I have caused offence, or have given the reason to question my commitment as an officer, by the post I made yesterday. On reflection it was thoughtless."

"I want to assure you that your welfare representation has not been neglected, nor will it be. I take my duties very seriously. The review of the University's Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy is very important and required proper time and space to look at it."

"I can reassure you that the policy has been in review for a considerable amount of time and has been carefully considered by myself and others. I am truly sorry."