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I actually cannot believe the new Sugar Free card is £25 a term

It was £45 for the year last year!!!

Lancaster University Students' Union have announced their Sugar Free card is going on sale tomorrow at 12pm. This is usually super hyped and a bit like trying to get a concert ticket for One Direction in 2012.

This year it's just not the same. Between Sugar possibly being sold, VKs going up in price and now an extortionate Sugar Free card, well, what's the point?

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The post in question

The post, like many other recent Sugar posts received a whole host of negative reactions. Many students highlighted that they paid a lot less for a much better deal last year.

Last year the card cost £45, could be used in all three terms, and Sugar was open three nights a week if you so desired.

This year the card costs £25 for one term only, making it £75 if you wanted one for every term, and now Sugar is only open two nights a week, if it's not sold.

For the Sugar Card to be beneficial, you really would have to make the effort to go out nearly every week! With nights out being as cheap as £3 sometimes it really might not be worth it. If you're a die hard Sugar fan (we've all been there) this might be the one for you.

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The response

Some students suggest that it may be worth the extra cash to help #SaveOurSugarHouse, which may have an element of truth.

But, VKs have gone up from 3-4-£5 (classic bargain) to 3-4-£6 (not a classic bargain), and they have the cheek to advertise it as if it's a banging deal!

I mean, screw it, I'm still going to buy one.