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Lancaster is GLOWING

‘It’s never sunny in Lancaster’

That classic rumour… it's always raining in Lancaster, Lancaster never looks pretty, we never see the sun… We're here to prove you wrong (with a little help from our lovely Instagram followers). If you want to see even more pics of Lancs looking lovely in the sun head on over to our Insta story!

Show us the evidence!

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Nothing pretty about Lancaster? @ellie.burford

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Campus is just ugly concrete buildings? @ellie.burford

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Just some more ugly concrete… @anaisrimaud

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Why would you want to go to such a rainy uni? @irinaaenea

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It isn't really a nice area tbh @marcosta315

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Campus is just SO grey @tiyaashaa_

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The Ruskin Library just looks like a UFO (can't really argue that one tbh) @tiyaashaa_

Enjoy the sun

We hope you beauties are making the most of it like we are at The Tab Lancaster. Get your books out in Alex Square and we'll see you there!