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Vote for Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat one

The nominations are in…

The noms are in and now it's time to crown THE hottest single in Lancaster. Check out the nominations below and cast your vote. (ty to that one person who nominated me, ur a star)

Amrita Badesha

My name is Amrita Badesha, I'm a Gemini and I love to travel. I can make a peng chicken curry and my friends would say I have a v healthy relationship with emojis (love them!!). I love a bit of COD zombies!! I study Econ and Geog and enjoy doing Yoga in my spare time. Pandas are my fave animal!!! And I hope to visit Tokyo, Singapore and Thailand this Summer!!

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So I'm a third year linguistics student, from Essex (I'm basically the GC but more of a diva), my fav food is anything that is made FOR me rather than BY me. I have reached the point where I use my 9-inch suction-cup dildo as a wall hanging, rather than for any standard purpose. I'm looking for a man who tells me I look skinny, is a versatile spoon and can both handle and match my neediness and dramatics alike. If you're looking for a bird like me, hmu x

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Lewis Powell

I like to keep it simple, I'm 20, from Cumbria and make a good spag bol (it's 10/10) I'm the aesthetics that hold Pendle JCR together.

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It's voting time!!