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Which Lancaster cafe are you?

A lowdown on the best cafes in Lancaster

With Lancaster being so small I didn't think it would be big on cafe culture. But here's the lowdown on where to get that caffeine kick or brownie binge (or help restore your health after a night out in Sugar).

Ethereal Brunch Lovers: The Journey Social

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Brownies and soft drinks @ The Journey Social

Okay, so you're super cool and like to eat your Eggs Benedict surrounded by a load of cacti? You got it! You even get a cute wafer and glass of water with your coffee, so you can pretend you're really rich (even though you're probably balls deep in your overdraft). The Journey Social Brownies are also to die for, 10/10 would recommend.

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Flat white @ The Journey Social

You're THAT basic friend: Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero…

You really could not care less that a new cafe just sprung up on the corner, as long as you are armed with your skinny double shot strawberry frappe to go then you're good. Your best friend may try to convince you to try something new, but it's pointless. You stick to what you know, at reasonable prices and little fuss. These are the places for you.

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Toastie and Coffee @ Costa

You're veggie but don't want to miss out on the foodie action: Whale Tail

We respect that. Head over to Whale Tail for a sexy oat milk Cappuccino. I hadn't tried oat milk before, but it low-key makes your coffee taste like biscuits, and who doesn't love biscuits? In reality there's nothing to lose. Their veggie/vegan breakfast is amazing and my favourite vegan gal adores it here, so that says it all!

P.S. The vegan black pudding is mind blowing – you have to give it a try, it's such a concept.

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Vegan breakfast (background), and veggie build your own breakfast (foreground) and an oatmeal cappuccino @ Whale Tail

Seriously Good Coffee: The Hall, Atkinson's

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English breakfast tea and a flatwhite @ The Hall, Atkinson's

So you're serious about coffee? This is the perfect place for you. The atmosphere may seem slightly pretentious, there's something about the minimalist decor and coffee sack seats that screams 'Urban Outfitter wearers only!', but the coffee is SERIOUSLY GOOD. I mean I don't really know what a nitro brew is, but it was fit and that's all there is to it really.

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Chorizo, mozzarella and red pepper sandwich and a ham, Lancashire cheese and mango chutney toast @ The Hall, Atkinson's

Best Up and Coming: ALEX

We all obviously know and love the humble JuiCafe, but this is JuiCafe on steroids – a rebrand of JuiCafe. Think of the standard smoothies and choccy bar hot chocolates, accompanied with healthy and affordable lunches. I tried the chicken satay box and my boyfriend tried the mac and cheese – they were both amazing (and we definitely left with full tums). For under a tenner you can't go wrong.

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Chicken satay rice box and skinny Oreo milkshake (left), and bacon macaroni cheese and strawberry milkshake (right) @ ALEX

The Verdict

At the end of the day, all of the little independent cafes in Lancs are hidden treasures and are definitely worth trying – and they won't put a dent into your limited student funds either.

There are so many places still to check out, such as Old Bells and Radish, maybe we'll give them a visit next – watch this space.