The Sugarhouse accepts highly-coveted Tab award as one of the worst clubs

If all else fails, be a good sport

A couple weeks ago, The Tab awarded local student nightclub The Sugarhouse the dubious honour of being the 16th-worst club in the UK.

Recently, they ecstatically accepted a framed certificate from myself on behalf of this humble news outlet in honour of their ‘achievement’.


I had to go to Sugarhouse IN THE DAY for you people

“We’ll be in the top ten next year”, a staff member was heard to say. This reporter doesn’t doubt that it is possible.

According to a statement posted by The Sugarhouse on Facebook, the certificate “will take pride of place behind the bar”.

Seriously, never do that

Seriously, never doing that again

In the statement, manager Sally Kay also said: “We’re grateful to the 127 people nationally who nominated us for this prestigious award, and we’re also delighted to see that once again Lancaster has proved to be better [than] York – which has a club voted the 13th worst in the country.”

There truly is no situation on Earth that can’t be turned against York, is there?