The Sugarhouse voted in the top 20 worst clubs in the UK

Surprising no-one

Student club The Sugarhouse has been voted the 16th-worst club in the UK in a recent Tab poll.

How miserable they all must be

How miserable they all must be

Whilst it didn’t quite manage the almost 500 votes that Manchester’s first-place Fifth Avenue gathered, it still achieved a quite respectable 127.

As per the entry’s description, “The club’s review online reads: “Really really good night. The only blemish being the ****ing idiot children who took too much acid and ended up in hospital. if you can’t handle things then don’t do them and then you won’t ruin the end of everyone else’s night.”  Sounds about right.

So what is it that makes Sugar so Sugar? The identikit shit high school disco-tier music? The dancefloor of students who suck at drinking? The queue?

Who knows. We’ll all keep going though.