Clubbers of the week

Started from the bottom now we here

How on earth is it Week 18 and why is everything due in five minutes? You’ll never ask me for an essay, right anthropomorphic bottle of vodka? You love me right?

Pterodactyl face of the week

Pterodactyl of the week

Ft. Jesus

Photobomb ninja of the week

Most likely to stare through your curtains

Heeeeere’s Johnny!

10/10, would try again


When you get pulled over in America

Long term couple of the week

Long Term Couple of the week

Phillip wanted to stay home and watch Strictly but Linda wanted to be ‘fun’ this week

Gay friendzone of the week

Savage friendzone of the week

Why does that friend have to make it weird?

‘Urban’ girl of the week

Someone just watched Step Up

Someone just watched ‘Step Up’

Suave maverick of the week

Swavest Maverick of the Week

I wonder if he ever wets a comb and slicks his hair back like in Goodfellas

White-girl-wasted white girl of the week

White girl wasted white girl of the week

Someone’s had one too many white wine spritzers

James Bond of the Week

Faded Tab Writer of the Week


This thing

I should get one of these for the ski lodge

It looks hard

Where baby dinos come from

Where baby dinos come from

Great Tipwork

Working the tip

Photo credit to The Lancaster Photographer.