Tadiwa Mahlunge
I do maths and write jokes.

Clubbers of the week Episode IV: A New President

Make Lancaster Funny Again

I’m black and would vote for Trump if I lived in America

Just your average white supremacist

Clubbers of the Week: Midterm Madness

Half way there and living like a player

Clubbers of the Week: Halloween Edition

Things got scary

Lancaster, here are your almighty Clubbers of the Week

Stay classy, Lancaster

Clubbers of the Week part two: The Freshening

Coming to a crappy club near you

Clubbers of the Week: Freshers Edition

Fresh Minds, Fresh Hinds

Clubbers of the week

The 2:2 Edition

Watch yourselves, it’s Lancaster’s clubbers of the week

This week was an absolute freakshow

The worst studying spots on campus

You suck if you sit here

University debates are pointless

We’re all too busy playing the victim

Too many Lancastarians have the ego of Oxbridge without the talent to back it up

It’s pretty narcissistic

Why procrastinating in Lancaster is basically an art form

If only we could get a degree in it

Fresher stormed Economics lecture dressed as Iron Man

He’s even called Benjamin Franklin

Living in a house is superior to halls in every way

You shouldn’t need a cleaner