‘To Bae, or not to bae’: Apparently everyone has a library romance right now

It’s basically stalking

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Over the past few weeks the library has become a hub of all the stressed-out, sleepy and hungry students revising for exams. Despite the endless energy drinks and intermittent trips to Greggs, things are beginning to get serious. So serious, that people are getting into committed relationships without even knowing about it.



Unfortunately this romance is not the kind you see in the movies. To everyone else’s procastrination amusement, people have taken to YikYak to anonymously declare their admiration (and stalker-like attachment) to ladies and gentlemen who don’t realise the true extent of their own magnetism.


But bizzarely, though everyone is boasting on Yikyak, not many actual real life students have experienced the social media flattery. When asked if he had a Library bae, Euro-American first year Simon Hotchin said: “No I don’t.. But I haven’t been told whether I’m someone else’s.

“I think to be one, you have to have been seen by the person multiple times, but I’m rarely in there.”


Relationship goals

Biomedical Sciences undergrad Tom Roach has an imaginary commitment, but the lucky lady isn’t one from the dark library underworld.

He said: “I read the Yaks all the time, but I don’t have a library girlfriend. However my heart is definitely with the catered dinner lady – is there such thing as a food bae?”

The way to a man's heart?

The way to a man’s heart…


There’s always one

Dishevelled Economics first year Charlotte Gupta had a pessimistic outlook on the situation.

She moaned: “If and when I make it to the library it’s a sad day. No boy would look at me and think ‘ooh, girlfriend material’. They’ll see me and thick ‘what is that corpse doing in the library?'”

Charlotte: I'm never leaving this room

Charlotte: I’m never leaving this room


Woah, what?


No pressure!

Revision time seems like prime time for scoping out the talent. If you aren’t in the library, maybe you should be – there’s more to find there than soul crushing revision.