Lily Papadimitriou

Lorry explodes into a fireball near the Woodland trail

The driver escaped unhurt

Lancaster left without power as storm Desmond hits the North-West

The Met Office put us on a “red alert”

Dalton Rooms has had conditions placed on its license

They’ve had too many noise complaints

Lancaster is secretly the best university in Britain

It’s not as shit as everyone says

Lancastrians prefer traditional sex

You can keep your 69

‘To Bae, or not to bae’: Apparently everyone has a library romance right now

It’s basically stalking

Best night out in Lancaster: We have your winner

Pink and perfect

We might be far out but Cartmel is still the bomb

It may as well be Mordor

The freshers are coming: The best of Lancaster offer holders Facebook groups

They’re very enthused

What’s the best night out in Lancaster? Vote now

Let’s settle this

When was the last time you cried?

Dry your eyes mate

Outed paedophile Sir Cyril Smith is an honorary Lancaster grad

He was awarded the degree in 1993

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever shot?

Drinking game strong

I bet you never knew these places existed on campus

So that’s what those creepy¬†sheds are in the woods

What to wear for a night out in Sugarhouse

Don’t wear heels you mug