REVEALED: This year’s Extrav Week themes are weirder and better than ever

Do it right

extrav Party

Extrav week is just around the corner and, as any good Lancaster student knows, that means a week of higher-than-usual-budget pissups.

If you’re more of the cardigans and spreadsheets type, you could check out LUSU’s guide, but our guide is better so read this instead.

Tickets are released exclusively for students of the relevant college on June 6th from 11:00 until 14:00 – after that, it’s a free-for-all

Special Mention

Gaystrav (6th June)
It promises to be a colourful night

It promises to be a colourful night

The folks of the good ship LGBTQ+ are putting on their own pre-extrav in Sugarhouse (prinks at Pendle Bar, which may just be open) and it promises to be “the GAY TAKEOVER of the year”, even bigger than the last one or that one time Hodor came to Lancaster.

Tuesday (23rd June)

Wild Westrav (Pendle)
Live your dreams of being in Deadwood

Live your dreams of being in Deadwood

Stick on some cowboy boots, jeans and a hat tilted to a rakish angle and you’re sorted. Expect pulling to be referred to as lassoing by the finest comedians of the night. If the night doesn’t feature at least one showdown on Cable Street it’ll be a disappointment. Headlining is Habberdash, supported by The Marties, Joni Beech and, as predictably as night follows day, BC555.

WWB: The Fallout (Bowland)
Bring bottlecaps, you'll need them for barter

Bring bottlecaps, you’ll need them for barter

Bravely (or foolhardily) forgoing the -strav suffix, Bowland’s theme is a mishmash of everything post-apocalyptic. Relive the new Mad Max film, roleplay Fallout in the real world without getting arrested or just smear some blood on you and moan a lot. Announced acts include Mike Sutton, NVOY and The Calls.

Neverland (County)
Things might get weird

Things might get weird

Peter Pan’s the theme, so dust off those green tights you never wanted anyone to know you own and get prancing. Bonus marks for elaborate two-man alligator costumes. Probably has the best venue too with Lancaster Square (the same venue as Campus Fest earlier this year). No performers announced, but from the trailer it seems reasonable to expect circus acts, if nothing else.

Wednesday (24th June)

Icetrav (Grizedale)
Everyone's drinks are on the rocks

Everyone’s drinks are on the rocks

Experience an extrav theme as cold and unfeeling as their Ikea showroom of a bar. The theme gives you plenty of freedom for costuming: Elsa from Frozen, penguins, or coat yourself in ice if you’re hardcore. You’ll have to be quick however, Grizedale sold out about 10 seconds after general ticket release last year, and how could it not when it looks this sick. Performers include Tim Cullen, Mat Baker and LUEDMS’ DJs.

Summer of ’69 (Cartmel)
Sixty-nine duuuude

Sixty-nine duuuude

Also bravely breaking from -strav tradition (but replacing it with crude sex jokes so it’s alright), Cartmel’s offering looks to be more laid-back than the others, so perhaps perfect for recovering from Tuesday’s hangover. Drape yourself in leis and embrace the flower power. Features The Marshall Band, Jeremiah Ferrari and six silent discos.

Dead Famous (Furness)
Don't kill anyone famous to justify your costume pls

Don’t kill anyone famous to justify your costume pls

If you’ve ever wanted to see a room full of Elvises and Marilyn Monroes, now’s your chance. The theme is dead celebs, so pick a fave and hope no-one thinks it’s “too soon”. Performers announced so far include The Marties and LUEDMS’ Laurie Marriot.

Thursday (25th June)

999 What’s Your Emergency? (Fylde)
Doctor doctor, tell me the news

Doctor doctor, tell me the news

Light the dancefloor on fire with your shapes, then promptly put the fire out before anyone gets hurt. Yes, for the first time, the policemen and paramedics prowling Lancaster on a night out actually are your mates, rather than just silently resenting you. Featuring DJs Cawky & Jay Matthews and Counting Days.

Shrekstrav (Lonsdale)
Haha, no.

Haha, no.

It doesn’t matter what I say here. You either heard the name and told all your mates they have to be there, or you heard the name and told all your mates they have to be at Lonsdale. Performing are DJs Cawky & Jay Matthews, The Marties and Pendle traitors BC555.