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Face it, Guys is better than Strand

Suck it up Strandies, science always wins


There's the age old question: are arts and humanities degrees just as hard as science degrees. And I guess the answer is we will never really know unless we do both.

Yet when it comes to debating whether BA life or BSc life is better at King's the choice is clear – and that's all because of the campus.

It's time to switch to science people because Guy's campus is the place to be.

1. You get to look up and see the Shard

2. You don't have to have classes underground like some sort of mole. It's not a cool novelty for your classroom to have a window.

3. Lunches at Borough Market. Enjoy your Pret baguette for the fifth time this week.

4. Yes, we have more mice, but they help to build character. Just imagine you're Cinderella. 10/12 posts of @miceofkcl are at Guy's, making us indisputable winners.

5. The Vault is filled with lecturers having a 4pm pint, and closes at 7 on a Friday because "it's too quiet to stay open". If you'd rather go to the Vault than Guy's Bar then you might as well just transfer to UCL.

6. GKT smash King's in the Macadam cup every single time (well, 12/16 times if you want to be pedantic about it.) because we're the true sports pros of KCL.

7. All of our buildings are around one courtyard like you know, an actual campus. No nearly getting hit by a cabbie as you run to your next seminar.

8. You can fill your Instagram with pictures of Somerset House and the Maughan, but realistically we all know you spend your time in the brutalist nightmare that is King's Building. At Guy's, no matter what direction you turn, you'll get a cute view.

9. There's a farmer's market every Tuesday, allowing you to live out your floral dress, wicker basket Parisian dreams.

On the bright side, Strand is still better than Denmark Hill I guess?

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