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Medics complain of mouse infestation on Guy’s campus

The mice of KCL even have their own Instagram account

King's medical students have been sharing photos of a rodent infestation on Guy's campus.

Pictures and videos of mice are being sent to a new Instagram account – @miceofkcl. One of the clips shows a mouse climbing into a panini maker at NHH library cafe. Another shows one scuttling across a keyboard.

The high number of sightings over the last few weeks has meant many medical students sitting their end of year exams have abandoned the library space at New Hunt House to find other places to study.

The Instagram account was set up by two second-year students, and already has over 800 followers.

One disgruntled student told The Evening Standard the infestation was "not healthy" for students trying to study.

They said: “We’ve done a lot of research into it. There are lots of reports about their droppings being toxic.”

Others complained of learning disruption, saying: "You really can’t be as focused on your work when mice are running around on the tables.”

Alice Smith, a biomedical graduate, said: “It’s a bit grim, especially in the food areas. There have always been signs saying ‘don’t leave your food out’ but you have to have food in the library or you’ll pass out."

Rachel Willis, a final year Nutrition student even suggested the University should get a cat to curb the infestation.

A spokesperson for King's said: “King’s takes every precaution to prevent pest problems.

"We have a specialist pest control company delivering a continuous programme of prevention and management throughout the year in all our buildings and have increased that work in New Hunt’s House following some recent reports.”