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King’s law students are handing out free legal advice to the public

Their clinic is open now

Third year law students at King's are opening a free legal advice centre to the public. The centre will advise the public on legal issues such as divorce, financial disputes and child custody.

Third year law students will be provided with training before working in the clinic and the students will be supported by solicitors from Stowe Family Law.

The centre aims to bridge the gap between justice and the disadvantaged in society. Partner at Stowe Family Law, Graham Coy, said "Since the removal of legal aid for the majority of family law cases, more people are having to represent themselves, frequently with disastrous consequences."

"Having professional and specialist legal advice can be life-changing and make a positive difference to somebody's future."

Supervising solicitor at the law clinic and director of clinical legal education at King's, Shaila Pal, said "The need for pro bono advice in family law is considerable, with disadvantaged groups and people with limited means desperately needing specialist assistance."

"It is also a great opportunity for King's students to work with specialist lawyers providing high quality advice and access to justice".

The clinic is open now. King's law students will analyse legal problems and research issues involved in their client's case. The client will receive a written letter of advice within two weeks of the initial interview.