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Guy’s Bar are now charging £1 entry on Wednesday sports nights

BUT they’re still offering £2 pints thank god

Let's face it, London is already expensive enough to not need another club charging entry. Some pay £25 for Ministry, others swear by the free Monday student nights at XOYO. Everywhere in central charges £6 for a good IPA.

With prices on the rise everywhere, Guy's Bar ran a poll on Facebook last month to help decide how to tackle the rising price of hosting Wednesday sports night.

The two choices were to keep free Wednesday entry, but raise the price of alcohol and drinks, OR to charge £1 on entry, and keep drinks the same price.

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Guy's Bar released the news yesterday that they have decided, with an overwhelming amount of votes, to charge £1 entry but keep the price of a pint to £2, £2.80 for a single and £3.80 for double of spirit and mixer.

From September, students will be able to pay the £1 entry by card and cash.

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Realistically £1 isn't going to change much in our lives – it's better used here than on our tuition, right?