There’s a petition for smoking zones on King’s campuses

I wonder what Guy’s will think of this

The now closed petition to introduce smoking zones in each campus and library gained 313 signatures. It received 158 signatures from KCLSU members (eight more than the necessary count to become a KCLSU Association Supported campaign) and 55 from association members, twenty less than the required minimum.

Campaign leader and 2016 International Students’ Officer Muhammad Haider Abbas writes:

“Students can smoke within the university, saving time and energy, especially during the exam season, with minimal impact on other students/staff.”

KCLSU will be holding a referendum as to whether to continue or withdraw its support to the campaign. According to the email sent by the union, ‘a student asked for this to be challenged and Union Development committees have voted for this to go ahead.’

The union will withdraw its support by referendum but minimum of 1,000 students must take part and voting will happen between 24th – 27th April.

Muhammad Haider Abbas spoke exclusively to the Tab to say; “Despite the smoke-free policy, cigarette buds can still be seen in large quantities in smoke-free areas. Non-smokers have to inevitably go through the smoke on the entrances since a preponderance of smokers are present there at any given time.

Having smoking zones would mean that a space (isolated from mainstream areas) will be designated for smoking where smokers can go to instead of smoking at random places. Non-smokers will benefit too as they can stay away from the smoking zones and avoid health issues.”

Following Denmark Hill and St Thomas’ Hospitals smoke free environment, in September 2016 indoor and outdoor spaces on Guy’s Campus were made smoke free.