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Uber are giving out free rides to polling stations

Cities offering free rides include London, Manchester and Leeds

A guide to what politician you are based on what you study at King’s

No one wants to be Jacob Rees Mogg

Everyone famous who went to King’s

In case you don’t read the billboards outside the Strand building

KCL are offering lessons in classics to underprivileged teenagers

They are in their second year of providing lessons to sixth-form students

Everything we know about the London Bridge terrorist attack so far

The terrorist has been identified

Michael Gove tweets ‘I set trends dem man copy’ to mock Stormzy’s Labour support

Gove said ‘He is a far, far better rapper than he is a political analyst’

King’s reported as top recipient of opioid money

King’s received a £2million donation from the Sackler family

Hillary Clinton is actually coming to King’s

Clinton will be joining Julia Gillard to launch King’s World Question event series

Twitter removes KCL student’s Twitter account thinking he’s a Chinese agent

But he says he’s never been to China

King’s finally revokes Sultan of Brunei’s degree over death penalty laws

This is the third degree he has lost

The Sultan of Brunei’s honorary degree makes me embarrassed to go to King’s

And who wouldn’t be?

YO, LISTEN UP: Bush House rooftop café to be converted into Waterfront 2.0

The God of all student bars is COMING BACK

King’s has ‘humanely killed’ over 600,000 animals for scientific research since 2015

Over 131,100 animals were killed last year

You’re not going to believe this, but Meghan Markle was at King’s yesterday

And the joke continues

King’s wants to trial three daily exam slots in January including a 9am start

Morning exams would start at 9am rather than 10am

Quiz Friday: What do your fitness habits say about what type of student you are?

In preparation for the new Strand gym…

‘I have nothing but pure antipathy for LSE’: An interview with King’s grad and Friday Night Dinner’s Tom Rosenthal

It’s Jonny from Friday Night Dinner!

Here’s a list of the strangest things you can buy on the KCLSU marketplace

Need a new iPhone X?

Fantastic flats in London and how to find them

The ups and downs of finding a flat in Central London as a student

We know what type of Krispy Kreme doughnut you are based on your King’s habits

No personality test has ever been more accurate