Gusta Matthews

Gusta Matthews
Kings College London


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‘I have nothing but pure antipathy for LSE’: An interview with King’s grad and Friday Night Dinner’s Tom Rosenthal

It’s Jonny from Friday Night Dinner!

King’s is officially the seventh best university in the country

The 2019 rankings are here

Why I dropped out of Oxford to join King’s

Oxbridge isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….

The Rolling Tones are stealing the show on Broadway this month quicker than you can say ‘Pitch Perfect’

Look out New York, they’re coming for you!

An American second year is sending daily PayPal requests of £2,461 to Principal Byrne to refund the classes missed during the strikes

He gets a reminder everyday until the strikes end

We tried all the gin and tonic varieties at Waterfront and here is a definitive ranking of them all

I took one for the team

What it’s like to be a humanities student in Guy’s Library

Sorry, I don’t do science.

Where to go to get help at King’s

A handy guide to student services

KCL’s popular TEDx talk ‘Embracing Madness’ returns this year

An announcement was made on Facebook after last year’s success

Londoners are dying in heat and here’s how beautiful we look

The top ways Londoners are enjoying the sun

BREAKING: London Bridge area in lockdown over trio of incidents

Updates on the story of the incident at London Bridge

These are the best Twitter reactions to Prince Harry being on Strand campus today

Prince Harry was at KCL and everyone went just a little bit crazy….

Everybody stay calm, but Prince Harry is on campus RIGHT NOW


Meet the KCL Women’s Varsity Hockey Squad

Watch out UCL, they’re coming for you.

KCL confessions: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

‘We literally spent two hours in silence’

The ultimate guide to finding the perfect match on Tinder

‘We don’t super like, it makes us look desperate’

Why Gilmore Girls is not just a religion, but a lifestyle

‘If you need me to be with you, I will follow where you lead.’

Everything you can relate to if you’ve ever cycled in London

I’m all about the bike

All the things you’re asked when you tell people you went to Rugby

No, I’m not really posh