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King’s has made it into the top 50 global unis in Times Higher Education rankings

King’s pride, amirite?

Stop what you’re doing right now, the Strand tube station is set to reopen later this year


Revealed: King’s new LGBT+ Officer subjected to homophobic abuse since election

Messages include ‘All u mentally diseased need to be put down’

KCLSU has a typo nightmare, urging students to buy tickets for ‘Varisty’ games

We see you

Here’s the official guide to the picket lines at King’s campuses

Just in case you’re planning to say stick it to the picket

Here are all the things Italians are so tired of hearing at English universities

‘You’re from Venice, right? Did you take a boat to school?’

The Vagina Monologues review: V-day in the spotlight

A review of the famous play adapted by King’s students Aude Langlois and Cornèlie Martin

Five libraries to check out this spring if you’re tired of having your mental breakdowns in Maughan

I’m done with Franklin-Wilkins too

Here are all the Valentine’s cards every student at King’s wants to get from their admirers

These cover every romantic scenario at King’s and you should definitely send your Valentine one

Every type of King’s girl as a starter pack

Which one are you?

King’s students start petition urging Principal Byrne to ‘negotiate or compensate’ over UCU strikes

‘These strikes are collectively the fault of all Vice-Chancellors and Principals who have opted for a “fight to the death” over pension cuts’

100 years of Votes for Women: but how far has King’s come since then?

Hint: we’ve got a long way to go

Things you’ll only experience if you’ve been a resident of Intercollegiate Halls

Majority of people say WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE

Kate Middleton visited King’s on the sly yesterday and we all missed it

I’m suddenly a medic

The English Society are hosting a muggle version of the Harry Potter Yule Ball

Nobody can be as badly dressed as Ronald Weasley

A round up of the worst King’s scandals in 2017

Let’s reminisce on the bad times

‘Does this have milk, gluten or air in it?’ and everything else you learn when working in hospitality

The feeling of taking out a hair doughnut is like no other

BREAKING: London Bridge area in lockdown over trio of incidents

Updates on the story of the incident at London Bridge

Meet the KCL Digital Culture blogger hoping to travel the world for free

KCLSU also gets £5k if she wins

More students at King’s are voting Labour than Conservative in the upcoming election

40 per cent of people are voting Tory