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Five libraries to check out this spring if you’re tired of having your mental breakdowns in Maughan

I’m done with Franklin-Wilkins too

Last semester’s finals pretty much permanently ruined Maughan for me – I spent the majority of my time panicking and crying there, and frankly I'm traumatized still. Studying in the Franklin-Wilkins library is just repressed from my memory at this point.

The good news is that there are a lot of other libraries around London that are available to King’s students. These libraries are like blank canvases to which you can attach a fresh set of painful memories.

I’ve done all the hard work of visiting a few of them and then arbitrarily deciding which ones I like. Here are five of the best libraries, with scores for their cafes, noise level, and how easy it would be for you to have a mental breakdown (the important part). Enjoy.

Senate House Library

Available to any UOL student for free, apply in person

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Wood panelling is essential for studying

Cafe – On the ground floor of the Senate House Building, there is a really small cafe; seating and food options are limited. 4/10

Noise level – On the quieter side for libraries, but not uncomfortable. 8/10

Quality of potential mental breakdown – I would recommend Senate House for a mental breakdown. It has a nice art-deco vibe, and there are couches in the periodical reading room. 9/10

Floors 4-7 in the Senate House, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HU

UCL main library

Available to UOL students through the access agreement, apply in person

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Cafe – On the ground floor right outside the library entrance, there is a lovely cafe with lots of wood panelling (+1) and nice coffee. Jeremy Bentham's preserved head is also very near (+2). 7/10

Noise level – I think my own thoughts are probably audible here. This is the quietest library on the list by a solid mile, and I'm not sure how everyone else maintains the silence. -1/10

Quality of potential mental breakdown – If you can make it outside before you start crying, it might be a pleasant experience. 5/10

23-25 Gower St, Kings Cross, London WC1E 6BT

British Library

Free to public, pass required for reading rooms

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Good natural lighting here

Cafe – The British Library is probably more cafes than books. Since this is a tourist location there are a lot of opportunities for coffees and snacks. 9/10 (minus one point for tourists)

Noise level – If you like white noise, study here. I find it a bit on the loud side sometimes. 6/10

Quality of potential mental breakdown – A lot of the people who visit this library are either serious academics or tourists, and I don't think those are the demographics to cry in front of. 2.5/10

96 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2DB

New Hunt's House Library, Guy's Campus

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The library ft. the shard

Cafe – There is a coffee machine on the second floor of the library, but I have never seen it working, there's some potential here. 5/10

Noise level – I actually think this is a perfect noise level: not too quiet, and you can still think. 10/10

Quality of potential mental breakdown – Dependent on your current level of self-loathing. 5/10

Newcomen St, London SE1 1UL

LSE library

Available to UOL students through the access agreement, apply online

The highlight here is the staircase

Cafe – I could not locate a cafe in the library building itself, but I did see some mice, which would indicate there is a source of food nearby. 0/10

Noise level – This library is… uh… quiet as a mouse. Sorry. 7/10

Quality of potential mental breakdown – Imagine running all the way down the spiral staircase in tears? 10/10

10 Portugal St, London WC2A 2HD