Meet the KCL Digital Culture blogger hoping to travel the world for free

KCLSU also gets £5k if she wins

Second year Digital Culture student Iman is hoping to be the next Travel Advisor and explore the world for free – if she gets enough likes on her submission video. During April, candidates across the country applied through a submission video and application, and Iman has made the top 5 candidates. If she wins, she gets an all expenses paid trip that should last a minimum of 3 months, but she must visit a minimum of 4 countries. Imagine the freedom to choose?!

To win, she has to get as many likes on her YouTube video as possible.

She spoke to the Tab about how she  planned the video in under a day, and her friend Fahad Miah shot and edited the video in under 10 hours.

Why did you apply to the competition?

“A round-the-world ticket was on offer, how could I not apply? In all honesty, I’ve barely travelled (been to two countries in my life) so when Compare the Market were offering a chance to explore the world (all expenses paid) and document it via blog and photos it seemed perfect.”

What does winning actually entail?

“If I win, I’ll be required to visit countries over the span of a few months and meet the requirements: capturing photos/videos, writing blog posts throughout the travels and offer insights into reasons why people should consider visiting a certain place. I will also be equipped with a state-of-the-art camera.”

Will you do this whilst studying?

“As I am a second year student, I will defer my final year to do the travelling.”


If you win KCLSU get £5,000, what should they spend it on?

“This opportunity was targeted at students to offer them a trip of a lifetime – we’re all broke and in our overdrafts and last year I couldn’t study abroad because it was expensive. I’m one of five children so it wasn’t feasible. I mentioned this to KCLSU and together with the study abroad office we decided that the money would be awarded to a student with similar financial difficulties.”

Have you always lived in London?

“I live in Southampton but moved to London for university.”


So London opened doors for you as a travel blogger…

“Definitely! The city offered me a wealth of places to document my creatively via insta whether that be snapping small one off coffee shops in a corner of the capital or the Sky Garden.

“London has definitely facilitated and emboldened my love for travel blogging.”

If you had an unlimited budget, what three places would you visit?

Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Bora Bora

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