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King’s students have written an open letter against ‘transphobic’ speaker Dr. Joanna Williams

The ‘Women vs. Feminism’ writer is scheduled to speak at an event on Tuesday held by the War Studies department

King’s student who threatened to chop her lecturer’s penis off is sentenced to 12 months of community service

She’s not allowed on campus anymore

A King’s exchange student is trying to find the fresher she fell for on a night out: Can you help?


King’s cleaning and security staff are now being brought in-house after years of protests and negotiations

King’s staff and students have been pressuring the university to stop the outsourcing of cleaners and security staff for over three years

UoL spent over £400k on extra security during peaceful protests at Senate House

Students and staff are still fighting in support of the university’s many outsourced workers

King’s Shakespeare Company – ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ Review

KSC’s latest production was hilariously witty and full of heart

Forcing students to vote for you on their phones isn’t guerilla tactics, it’s just wrong

Put your hands up if you’ve lost all your faith in democracy this election

KCL evacuated after masked protestors set off smoke bombs and a fight breaks out

Students have reported broken windows and smoke bombs set off at Strand campus

King’s student pleads not guilty to stalking and harassment allegations made by lecturer

When a crush on a lecturer goes too far

Missing King’s PHD student believed to be found dead by Met Police

Chinese student Yan Sihong has been missing since February

Why Pryzm is the worst night club in Bristol, unless you’re thirty and at a hen do

No, we haven’t forgotten you were Oceana just because you tried to rebrand

There’s a professor at King’s called Dr. Gordon Ramsay

‘Idiot sandwich’ has just gained a whole new meaning

Every type of King’s girl as a starter pack

Which one are you?

20 things you should never do at King’s

King’s can be a wonderful uni, just as long as you don’t do any of these things

King’s launches It Stops Here Training Academy on harassment and sexual violence for staff members

The campaign wants to raise staff awareness and capability and is available to all staff members on KEATS

King’s leads ranking as the Russell Group university with the smallest percentage of students from disadvantaged areas

Do better King’s

Nominations are now open for the 2018 KCLSU Spring Elections

Get £23,640 a year to represent your university

A round up of the worst King’s scandals in 2017

Let’s reminisce on the bad times

The Round Reading Room was never Dumbledore’s Office and our hearts are broken

Guess our only reason to go to the library is gone

King’s students are raising money to buy Christmas presents for refugee children

Give a little this Christmas

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