BREAKING: London Bridge area in lockdown over trio of incidents

Updates on the story of the incident at London Bridge

At 10:54 this evening reports came in of a major police incident at London Bridge. A white van went off the road and hit several pedestrians. There have also been reports of gunshots and stabbings.

Eyewitnesses say that the van hit five or six people with at least four sevely injured according to a BBC eye witness. One fatality has been confirmed.

Restaurants and bars in the area are on lockdown, with passers by being rushed in and secured. Doors are locked, windows covered and all customers have been ushered to the back of the restaurants. Those closest to the incident have been evacuated. Armed police have been checking everyone evacuated from the restaurants.

All nearby stations, including Waterloo, have been closed and the area is expanding. Police are evacuating the area as quickly as possible, with an estimated 40 emergency vehicles and armed police attending the scene. People in the area were told to ‘run as fast as they can, West’ by Police.

There has also been a reported incident at Borough Market, and Police are now advising people within the London Bridge cordon to stay elsewhere for the evening. They are attempting to clear as much of the central London area as possible.

A third incident has been reported at 23:50 of an incident at Vauxhall, where police are responding to an emergency call.

Police are reporting three suspects, one man has already been arrested according to the BBC eye witness. Whitehall officials say that the police are leading on the incident as opposed to the Security services. There was no warning that this was an imminent attack, taking the security agencies totally by surprise. One suspect was cornered near Southwark Cathedral.

People have been quick to respond, offering up respite to those trapped.

UPDATE (09:00) : Six have been killed and more than 45 injured. Three men were wearing fake bomb vests in Borough Market and have been shot. All injured have been sent to hospitals across London, but Guy’s Campus remains closed today due to being used as a medical centre but peripheral to events.

Please check in with friends and family to let them know that you are safe if you are in the London area.

If any KCL students were around at the time of these incidents (in London Bridge/Borough/Southwark, around Guy’s Campus, or even at residences) and would like to give eye witness reports, please message us directly on Facebook. Stay safe.